What Seniors Know About Selling That Could Save You Major Stress

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I work with many interesting people, but one senior couple I found particularly fascinating.

I hesitate to call them seniors because their years were so many they were beyond senior. We’re talking nearly a century of life experience here – each. Ready to sell their home and live with their children (wow, I love that!) they listed with me. I have to tell you I really admire this couple – their gentle way with each other, the smiley eyes they still make at each other, and their proactive, common sense approach to managing health, family and finances.

But when a low-ball offer came in, they really got interesting.

The offer was much lower than asking price, and the couple had reduced their price already (however unnecessary I thought it was – ultimately they are the boss after all). The husband’s response to the offer was simple. “I can accept that offer.”

These people have worked hard their whole life, and are now selling the last thing they have. This will be all the money they’ll have to live on for the rest of their lives.  You’d think they would fight for every penny. I certainly knew negotiations would yield more, and encouraged them to counter. Even his wife gently questioned his decision. Still, his response was simple. “You know what? I want to sell my house. That’s my goal.” No games, no greed, just matter-of-fact goal accomplishment. So that’s what happened, and everyone walked away pleased.

Had this been a couple in their thirties or forties, it would have been quite different. There would have been much offense taken at such a low offer. Indignation and outrage would close that and all future negotiations with any person who would offer such. Months of complaining would ensue, and bitterness take root.

Over an offer.

Real estate can get pretty emotional and dramatic sometimes. This couple demonstrated well how unnecessary all that drama is. Greed, fighting and game playing just to eek out a few extra dollars are not worth all the stress and hassle. Not really.

This couple understood something few do – fighting over money doesn’t pay. If it comes down to a choice between money and peace, it’s wise, beneficial to everyone, and amazingly simple to choose peace.


How To Deal With Change When You Don’t Want To

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Things change, and fast. Just eight short years ago, iphones didn’t exist. (Who can remember such a world?) Google changed its algorithms again, and will continue to tweak it until the end of time. The Winnipeg Real Estate Brokers’ Act is poised for change too, that will impact the entire industry. One thing that doesn’t seem to change though, is the resistance to change. We like comfort, and change is uncomfortable.

Whether the change affects marital status, the national economy, or the price of fuel, there are ways to handle it like a pro. I find many changes thrilling, and enjoy being at the forefront of business change, but like anyone else, there are some I resist. These three methods have helped me cope with such changes.

Find the Good In It

Everyone wants to be that cheery person others enjoy being around. To have a positive outlook and attitude of thanks is exactly what makes that happen. Every change has some redeeming quality. A trembling national economy draws people together, and compels ingenuity. High fuel prices encourage thrifty driving and make us thankful for lower prices when they return. There is always something to be glad for – so be glad for it. It’s a refreshing experience to hear positive, encouraging words.

Cork It
It’s tiring to walk through a day and hear only whining – and about such mundane things as rain! Yes, it’s raining. Yes. This is what it takes for plants to grow. Yes, this happens every year. Get over it.  When there is nothing nice to say, there is one sure-fire cure for complaining: shut up. Try it – even silence can brighten someone’s day! No one wants a reputation as a complainer (or the pinched face that eventually befalls complainers). This one’s a quick and easy fix.

Give Up Control – You Never Had It Anyway
This is the part where we humble our little North American selves and admit we do not control global oil prices, or the way our siblings or children or parents behave. This is where we admit to ourselves that God knows better than even we do, whether it’s how much rain should be allowed, how big earthquakes should be, or how much money people should be able to earn. We can’t control it, and never will, so why hold on to it? It’s a waste of time and energy to try climbing onto His throne. Let it go. Peace follows, I promise.

Change doesn’t change – get used to it.
Change is always around the next corner. So why let it catch you by surprise? Expect it. Watch for it, and you’ll have the excitement of discovering it instead of dread.


What change are you weathering these days? Which of these do you think will help most?

Tina Plett partners with Eniko Crozier