3 Ineffective Tools and Why I may Use Them Anyway


Real estate is not just about making sales. It’s about helping people.
And sometimes it’s that people element that kinks the marketing procedure.

Sometimes people want what they want, whether it’s useful or not. (I mean, how else would knitted beard-hats ever have become a thing??)

Real estate is not immune to these kinks. Or at least, it shouldn’t be.

Sometimes business decisions can’t be about financially effective or time-efficient. Sometimes, our decisions are straight-up based on what makes the client happy.  And really, that is its own kind of effective, isn’t it? That’s a result I want, and results cost. That’s why I use these three ineffective tools anyway:

3 Ineffective Tools I  may Use Anyway

  1. Open Houses
    I have never, ever yielded a sale as a result of an open house. Most agents in rural areas haven’t, and it’s why many agents prefer not to do the open house.  It makes developers and clients happy though, to see that we, the agent, are putting our time and dime in this game. We’re on their side, and it shows. So, we do Open Houses, at the seller’s request. Better yet, we offer an online open house.
  2. Kijiji
    Yes, I dare to paint Kijiji with the brush of inefficiency – for selling homes. Kijiji is a meeting place for bargain hunters, and they expect to haggle. I don’t expect a kijiji bargain hunter to pay market value for a property. My goal is to get my seller top dollar. Most every message I have ever received through Kijiji ads has been a waste of time. But. Clients, having had success selling everything from DVDs to fishing boats, insist their ad be placed on this site. It may not yield leads, but it will yield a happy client. So we do the kijiji thing. Upon request. Better yet, we offer to put our listings on multiple websites that are specific to real estate so that the buyer who is actually searching for homes will definitely come across our listings. We even pay extra to have our listings be featured on key real estate related websites. You know, the ones that actually attract buyers that are shopping for property?
  3. Newspaper Ads
    You’re not really that surprised I label newspaper ads as inefficient, are you? I mean, the last time you wanted to buy a house, where did you look? I have a hunch that the newspaper was not the first place. Again, newspaper ads may be a fine place for job ads or event announcements, but not so great for generating leads for a home sale. People just don’t look there when they’re house hunting. They get an agent, or look on MLS. Most sellers understand this. However, we do feature our listings in the local property guide which is targeted especially to buyers and potential buyers interested in real estate. I see people of all ages enjoying flipping through this glossy magazine.


These methods may be ineffective in producing leads or sales, but they’re pretty effective at pleasing clients. In the end, Real Estate is about people. Invest a little time and money into your client’s happiness, and you’ll find even ineffective can become worthwhile.


You Only Drown in Water if You Stay There (How to Recharge in the Face of Obstacles)

Image result for who said you don't drown in water by falling in
We all face obstacles.

A controlling parent, a cheating colleague, lying clients, or a bullying boss.

When you’re in it, especially if stress and difficulty come from multiple sides, it can feel like the most miserable isolation. But the truth is that none of us is alone. We all struggle.

So what do you do when the pressure becomes relentless and you start to feel like you’re drowning in negativity?

You don’t drown in water by being in it. You drown in water by staying in it.
-Edwin Louis Cole

Many years ago, I was in just such a place – drenched in deep, extreme negativity. The enormous personal stress resulted in my losing 50lbs in a month. I couldn’t eat – my body wouldn’t allow it.  My insides felt shaky – like I’d swallowed a phone stuck on vibrate. And all I could think about was the very difficult circumstance that was turning my heart inside out.

Then something happened that changed my life.

A friend noticed and did something. She saw what a mess I was and how it was damaging my body.

“You need to go to a doctor!” she said.

I insisted that I didn’t – that I could handle it. She insisted more though, and made me go. She drove me to the doctor’s office. She sat with me in the room. She forced me to get help.

And it rescued me.

Most of the stress and difficulty we face in our work and relationships isn’t that extreme. But it’s critical to recognize when we’re maxed out on stress and negativity, and to take action before we make things worse – for others and for ourselves.


How to Recharge in the Face of Obstacles

Be Your Own Friend

I was lucky that time to have a friend not only notice, but then help me initiate change.

We can’t wait for a masked hero to arrive though. Most of the time we have to be our own friend, noticing that we are a mess and that something has to give.


Give Yourself Permission

I don’t know why we find it so hard to give ourselves permission to be wounded; to feel hurt. I’ve got news for you: humans hurt, hearts break, and we’re not robots who can flick a switch to make it all stop.

Healing can only happen when we realize we need it.

Needing help does not mean you’re weak. In fact, it’s what’s going to strengthen you. Admitting your wounds is itself an act of strength and the next step to progress – no guilt required. Give yourself permission to need help.



There is a time to take a break. When you’re slammed from all different sides, it’s tough to pull out a smile. We have to recognize when our bodies, emotions, thoughts need a break.

When we are in a bad mental state, we’re probably not the most effective in our work and relationships anyway. We need to invest in our own well being with the gift of a rest.


Let It Look Different

Know that your rest and recharge time doesn’t have to look like sunbathing on a beach in Cancun.
It doesn’t have to be two weeks long. Do and be what refreshes you.

For some, it’s going to be retreating to a cabin with a stack of romance novels. Or others it looks like camping out in a recliner for a few days, refusing to cook or clean, so their body can heal.

Recently, I took a break to recharge, and spent that time attending classes, learning online, brainstorming my brand positioning, and product development. That – especially the brand positioning and marketing – is what revives my motivation. It refreshes my confidence in my abilities to excel, and fires me up to work with renewed gusto.

What refreshes you will be different than what works for others and that’s okay.

I’m curious – how to you recharge when facing obstacles?

The online open house

Where did all the open houses go?

Open house attendance has decreased  and there’s a good reason why.

Once upon a time when buyers would want to view the inside of the home they would contact the listing agent and the listing agent would meet him at the property and show them the house.

Today, if you see a for sale sign, you Google the address and you can see what the house looks like inside through the online listing.

I am noticing more and more that people will disqualify homes based on what they see on the Internet. Therefore, I believe it is critical that a home be displayed with excellence.

If your home is a masterpiece  then it should be presented as such.

The Floor Plan

How many times have you looked at a listing online and wondered what the floor plan was like? Do you find yourself trying to piece together the floor plan as you go through the photos? How would you like it if when you looked at a listing you would get a quick overview of each floor in a traditional top-down perspective? Better yet, what if those rooms were labeled?


The Dollhouse View

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how the different floors relate to each other? What’s directly below the master bedroom? Imagine if you could see a dollhouse view like this when you viewed a listing.


Or like this.  This incomparable Dollhouse View gives a completely unique sense for the place. See all floors at once!



The Walkthrough- A Five Star Experience*****

Wouldnt it be great if you could be inside this photo an look up and see the ceiling and light fixtures or look down and get a good look at the flooring? Would you like to turn around to see whether that is the entrance behind you or the kitchen? Click on this photo to see what you will find. But come back after for the closing message. I have got exciting news to share!

*This home is not for sale. It is a sample.





All 3 in 1

A 3-D showcase is an online experience that lets homebuyers move through a property and see it from any angle, as if they were there.

Tina Plett/Eniko Crozier of Sutton Group-Kilkenny Real Estate came back from the National  Association of Realtors Conference and Expo with a new tool called The Matterport. With this tool, we can display our listings as a 360° Virtual Tour, as a floor plan image as well as in a Dollhouse View.

Can you see the benefit of using this tool when listing?

Most showings happen online. The internet is the open house of today.