A Gardening Lesson from Dogs



I love getting dirt under my fingernails in the flower garden.

And the way dirt crumbles in my hand.

I especially love the way weeds pull right out sometimes, root and all.

Recently, when I was down on my hands and knees digging in the dirt, my little dog joined me. At first, she supervised nearby for a few minutes, possibly to see what treasure I would unearth. As I continued pressing my hands and tools into the soil, pulling out weeds, and humming, she decided to dive in right next to me.

She claimed a patch of weeds right beside me and set her paws to furiously digging. Dirt and leaves flew everywhere, even onto me. I paused my weeding to watch (while guarding my eyes from flinging flecks of dirt). She worked and worked, finally digging a little pit for herself. Then she stood in the middle of it and plunked herself down, nestling as deeply as she could into the cool earth.

I smiled, petted her, and returned to pulling weeds.

In the quiet, I thought about how she and I were both digging in the garden but for different reasons. I want the flowers to be visible and not crowded out by weeds, and she wants a cool place to sit.

We all have different motivations for doing what we do.

Many people can do the same thing, but for different reasons.

I’m a real estate agent, but my why might surprise you.

It’s not for the money (It’s not as much as you think anyway)

It’s not for the glamour (People tend to see agents more as salespeople than industry professionals)

And it’s definitely not for the primo hours and awesome vacation times (Days off can be hard to come by. Heck, attending a wedding uninterrupted can be hard to come by!)

No, I’m an agent in spite of all these challenges.

Because I’m a helper and encourager at heart, and I love, love, love to help people find their perfect-for-them home. As an agent, I get to protect people from pitfalls, walk them through scary and difficult circumstances, and make them super crazy happy.

Those are the things that satisfy my soul that I count as excellent results, and that drive me forward each day.

What motivates you in your work?

It’s not hard to get started when you have motivation!


Since I was 15 yrs old, I have started my day with putting on my makeup and doing my hair and being ready to go! Lately, I wake up before my alarm and eagerly get started on work!

Today, I just quickly wanted to do a few things before I put my make up on. Ahhhh! It’s 1pm and I am still in my morning glory! I got a lot accomplished and still feel that rush of energy that I had this morning.

I am finding solutions to roadblocks. I am exploring new territory.

Yesterday, I even did my own evaluation of my performance and found my weaknesses and promptly gave myself shit! I know how critical it is to find a leak and plug it before your tire goes flat!
I have concluded that when you have a passion for something, it will change you!

Routines are less dominant, distractions don’t make me loose focus as easily, and the challenges actually make me rise up and protect the outcome I am working for.
I made a commitment to myself when I turned 40 that I was going to make an impact on the lives of people around me. I want to make a difference to the companies I represent as well as the relationships I enjoy. I will leave a positive mark wherever I go and I will be remembered with a smile!

As a result, I am now loving my life, my marriage, and my career.
You’ve got to put something back in this world before you go. Pass along a smile, a kind gesture, contribute something!

Watch someone else succeed because of your input and experience joy!