Real Estate Marketing

The online open house

Where did all the open houses go?

Open house attendance has decreased  and there’s a good reason why.

Once upon a time when buyers would want to view the inside of the home they would contact the listing agent and the listing agent would meet him at the property and show them the house.

Today, if you see a for sale sign, you Google the address and you can see what the house looks like inside through the online listing.

I am noticing more and more that people will disqualify homes based on what they see on the Internet. Therefore, I believe it is critical that a home be displayed with excellence.

If your home is a masterpiece  then it should be presented as such.

The Floor Plan

How many times have you looked at a listing online and wondered what the floor plan was like? Do you find yourself trying to piece together the floor plan as you go through the photos? How would you like it if when you looked at a listing you would get a quick overview of each floor in a traditional top-down perspective? Better yet, what if those rooms were labeled?


The Dollhouse View

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how the different floors relate to each other? What’s directly below the master bedroom? Imagine if you could see a dollhouse view like this when you viewed a listing.


Or like this.  This incomparable Dollhouse View gives a completely unique sense for the place. See all floors at once!



The Walkthrough- A Five Star Experience*****

Wouldnt it be great if you could be inside this photo an look up and see the ceiling and light fixtures or look down and get a good look at the flooring? Would you like to turn around to see whether that is the entrance behind you or the kitchen? Click on this photo to see what you will find. But come back after for the closing message. I have got exciting news to share!

*This home is not for sale. It is a sample.





All 3 in 1

A 3-D showcase is an online experience that lets homebuyers move through a property and see it from any angle, as if they were there.

Tina Plett/Eniko Crozier of Sutton Group-Kilkenny Real Estate came back from the National  Association of Realtors Conference and Expo with a new tool called The Matterport. With this tool, we can display our listings as a 360° Virtual Tour, as a floor plan image as well as in a Dollhouse View.

Can you see the benefit of using this tool when listing?

Most showings happen online. The internet is the open house of today. 










Are Print Ads a Waste of your Marketing Dollars?



At a recent Real Estate conference I attended, the speaker told the room full of agents that print advertising is basically useless. Many nodded in agreement. She’s not alone in her assessment – many think print media is in its final days. But something about it didn’t sit right with me. I’m not yet ready to abandon print media. And I’m not alone either.

19% of all US ad spending in 2013 was invested in print media.[1]

 Any magazine or newspaper you read will contain print ads by big companies who market with purpose and precision. They know what they’re doing. And they’re investing nearly a fifth of their entire marketing budget on print media.

The funny thing about print marketing is that it doesn’t often yield immediate sales. Why else in the name of all that is frozen would one advertise, you ask? Because not every business action is designed to garner a sale. I love the way James Archer puts it:

Marketing is food. It’s the regular, sustained nourishment that gets your business where you want it—and keeps it there. You need it throughout the day, every day.  Inexperienced companies regard marketing as medicine to be taken when something is wrong. (“Not enough customers? Take some marketing and call me in the morning.”)[2]

In the cooling local market, I can understand why Real Estate agents might consider advertising a waste. It’s expensive, and does not yield immediate monetary gains – gains sorely needed in slow times.

I agree with Archer, and Peter Drucker and other marketing moguls, that marketing is a long game. The benefits of continued marketing – like creating a customer base, or preventing reputation rot – are well worth the investment.

Even in slow times, (maybe especially then?) I plan to continue my marketing just as I have. I will focus on my local area where I want to do business. Even in print. To exclude print from my marketing plan would exclude an entire demographic. No, I plan to continue to invest in brand building. Slowly and steadily, I’ll continue to build familiarity with my business and what I’m about. People will know, like and trust me before we even meet. And that’s an investment worth making.


How about you? Do you invest in print ads? Why or why not?