Take me home country roads!

IMG_2225I am familiar with SouthEast Manitoba and specialize in Rural Real Estate!

Tina Plett, Sutton Group-Kilkenny Real Estate

Swing wide the gates!


Easter weekend was emotional for me.

A friend passed away.

I got to spend time with my family and one of my brothers was not there.

I fell on concrete and scraped my knee like a kid and bruised my pride.

One of my sellers had someone rob their house.

My paperwork has been interrupted which makes me feel overwhelmed.

And then it happened. I got the phone call. An elderly lady who used to come see me for massage in my former career wanted to talk to me. I have not seen her in aprox. 5 yrs. She was lonely and so much had happened and she needed someone to listen just a little.

My tears came as soon as I hung up the phone. Why did she choose to call me? I believe it was because she had felt cared about by me.

Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with the knowledge that I had made a difference in someone else’s life!

I truly did care for her. It used to be my goal to make her laugh. This woman nursed a husband with Alzheimer’s and a Down syndrome adult child. Her devotion to her family was honourable to a fault!

In light of the death of a friend and the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus all in one weekend, I am so aware that in the end, the thing that matters, is if you have been a positive impact to someone along the way.

I choose to believe that in the afterlife, we will get to see the results of the things we have done.

That rewarding feeling I had after the phone call, that’s a part of the Heaven I picture.

What the dog???


This morning, I opened up the door and both of my dogs bounded through the door simultaneously and went side by side down the stairs in synchronized movement.

My little pixie is not intimidated  by the size difference between herself and the border collie.

She doesn’t seem to feel less entitled because Ranger lived here before she did.

I am not sure that she is aware that her coat is a different color, or that  his bark sounds different from hers.

After all, they are both dogs! Pixie knows, she is a dog.

My epiphany this morning.

I am a REALTOR®.  There are other REALTORS®.  Some are bigger (produce more than I do).  Some have a different coat Color (different logo) than myself. Some have been here long before I got here.  All of them have a presentation (bark).

I can go confidently through the door alongside of other REALTORS® and do what I do the way I do it. I too, am not concerned with the differences. I don’t see myself smaller, less able, or less noticeable.

However, like pixie, I know my competitive advantage.

My encouragement to you today is to run, skip and jump along with the big dogs.

Enjoy being in the profession you are. You chose to do what you are doing. Do it well!!!

Learn your strengths and increase in them.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

Be more of yourself. There is only one like you.

You can’t laugh with your arms folded!

I want to love my life. I want to laugh a lot! What about you?

This week, I have witnessed many tense situations and have made an observation.

People who are defensive put up a guard that keeps warmth from coming in and laughter from being released.

Laughter is good medicine!

Let me ask you this: have you ever known someone that is a control freak? Would you describe them as fun and humorous? Do they laugh a lot?
Today, I heard a young man freely admit to having made an error after it was brought to his attention. He was embarrassed and offered apologies. My trust toward him increased because he could take responsibility for his actions. No excuses or defences. Would you believe that his personality is energetic, fun, optimistic and that he laughs a lot?

People like that have ideas, vision, purpose and they succeed!!!
Lets not get stuck in yesterday’s offences! Drop your defensiveness. Wave your arms freely and vigorously around in the air and feel energy return to you!

You can’t laugh with your arms folded!

Tina Plett,

Sutton Group-Kilkenny

It’s not hard to get started when you have motivation!


Since I was 15 yrs old, I have started my day with putting on my makeup and doing my hair and being ready to go! Lately, I wake up before my alarm and eagerly get started on work!

Today, I just quickly wanted to do a few things before I put my make up on. Ahhhh! It’s 1pm and I am still in my morning glory! I got a lot accomplished and still feel that rush of energy that I had this morning.

I am finding solutions to roadblocks. I am exploring new territory.

Yesterday, I even did my own evaluation of my performance and found my weaknesses and promptly gave myself shit! I know how critical it is to find a leak and plug it before your tire goes flat!
I have concluded that when you have a passion for something, it will change you!

Routines are less dominant, distractions don’t make me loose focus as easily, and the challenges actually make me rise up and protect the outcome I am working for.
I made a commitment to myself when I turned 40 that I was going to make an impact on the lives of people around me. I want to make a difference to the companies I represent as well as the relationships I enjoy. I will leave a positive mark wherever I go and I will be remembered with a smile!

As a result, I am now loving my life, my marriage, and my career.
You’ve got to put something back in this world before you go. Pass along a smile, a kind gesture, contribute something!

Watch someone else succeed because of your input and experience joy!

What is success?

Tina Plett SOLD

Some people are motivated only by the end of the game result. They are  not wrong, or bad, but I play differently!

When playing a game, I enjoy the round…the process…the strategy…the intensity. When the cards have been played, I feel good about the round! Not surprising then, I will often win the game also!

My mom and I played countless hands of rummy when I was a child. I spent countless hours playing games with my daughter also.

In real life, I don’t play games, but the principle applies.

When I handle each listing with passion and creativity then I feel good about marketing. The sale will come as a result.

Tina Plett, Seller Representative Specialist