Conviction determines my motivation! It is the reason that I respond and behave the way that I do.

One of the things that always breaks my heart, is when I see people in authority taking advantage of innocent people.

In real estate, the seller and the buyer are dependent on the knowledge of the real estate agent, the lender, and the lawyer, to buy or sell a home.

I personally have lost countless dollars, time, and potential clients, due to the behavior of other agents.

I will always find another house to sell, another house to sell my buyer, and God will always take care of my income. I am able to handle rejection, to brush off my personal grievances, and move on into the next day.

What about the buyer or the seller?

What about the person who has purchased a property and ends up going bankrupt within a very short period of time because of the advice that they took from a professional?

What about the person who sells their house because the lender told them that they were qualified to buy, only to find out that their credit is bad and they cannot purchase another house.

Sometimes, a buyer will purchase the property believing that they can have animals on the property based on what a professional has told them, only to find out that the zoning bylaws will not allow for animals on the property.

When someone purchases a property, they are investing their finances, their future, their hopes and dreams, and changing their lifestyle in order to purchase a home.

Convictions make me want to honor someone else’s hopes, dreams, future and finances.

I could not go to sleep at night if I had placed my financial benefit ahead of the life of another person.

Tina Plett, Sutton Group-Kilkenny Real Estate

The stair came down with me on it!

imageWe noticed that the stairs on our deck were rotting. We had already determined that we would need to replace them this summer. We enjoy our deck immensely. Our home is a bi level so the deck is high off the ground. The bonus to the height is that we rarely have mosquitoes joining us in our leisure time. We live on an acreage. The view from the deck gives me the same sense of retreat as sitting at a campsite! The deck is where we socialize, tan, or sometimes just sit and watch fireflies or lay and gaze at the stars.
Yesterday, I was about to make my way down the 8 steps of the deck when the stairs decided to separate from the deck entirely! The stairs dropped straight down with me on them. I screamed like a girl! My husband was using the whipper snipper for the first time this spring and did not hear me as I continued to scream for help. My legs were stuck between the fallen stair case rises. I am awaiting the radiologist test results of the x-rays as I sit with one foot in a half cast because I can’t move it without sharp pain. It’s difficult to use the crutches because the other foot is sprained and my upper spine is prone to inflammation. Pain is reverberating through my body, but my mind is more powerful than my body!

I am viewing this as an opportune time to expand my business and grow by incorporating the assistance of other agents. This has been something that I have pondered about doing since last fall. I have hesitated because It is really hard to share income! It is not hard to make money, but it is challenging to make a profit. Now that I am grounded and have a strong business plan, I feel confident to include others in my business. I don’t have it all in place just yet. Maybe I can assist someone else in becoming successful as they assist me in completing a few deals.

Back to the deck and stairs. Learn a lesson from me! All man made things have wear and tear and eventually will need replacing. By doing maintenance,you will prolong the home you enjoy and retain its market value. By procrastinating repairs, you will risk getting serious damage to the weakened areas of your home and also loose your competitive edge in the market when a sale is needing to take place. As I read that last sentence, I heard the word “weekend”. That applies too! My weekend has been dramatically altered by my fall!

ADVERTISING Is the responsibility of the agent!

Experience in real estate has allowed me to observe a variety of thoughts from many agents on the subject of advertising. Before I share, allow me to say that each thought has a point. Just because I think differently and make my choices differently from other agents, does not mean that I don’t see their point of view.

Here are some statements that I have heard from competing agents:
* The house will sell regardless, so why spend money on advertising?
* I put an ad in there once and I did not get any calls, therefore it is useless
* It’s too costly!

Here are a few reasons I choose to advertise:
* My seller has entrusted me to work on their behalf to market their property. I have access to advertising opportunities that a private seller does not have. Any agent can put a listing on MLS and put a sign on their property! I want to give my seller’s home maximum exposure!
* The seller does not just want a sale. The seller wants the sale to bring them maximum profits in the least amount of time! I don’t want to sit back and wait for someone to call, I want to entice the buyer to call!
* Well over 90% of buyers are beginning their home shopping on line! That statistic is reason enough to be strategically searching for the maximum online presence! If that’s where the buyer is, then that’s where I will go to attract the buyer!
* The age group that buys the most houses is 25-34 year olds! This young generation is tech savvy! I absolutely love working with first time home buyers and young people. This was motivation for me to become tech savvy and speak the language of the young. It can be a quick step to get more information on the house I am marketing! The mobile generation appreciates that I am a mobile friendly agent. I make myself accessible through social media and I am willing to respond in a timely manner.
* Complacency is offensive to me! It is upsetting to me when a seller is paying 5% or more of the sale price to an agent to market their home and they get no marketing exposure in return!
* I am grateful for the business!
* I want my sellers to be completely satisfied so that they will refer me to other sellers!
* MARKETING IS MY JOB! I chose this profession because I enjoy serving people and marketing is one of my skills!

My methods bring results!

Tina Plett, Sutton Group-Kilkenny Real Estate

Getting Personal


The question arises, Should a REALTOR® get personal with their client?

Selling or buying a house is foremost a personal matter! The reasons for your move are personal. The preferences you have are personal. Your budget is personal!

The best way for me to serve people is to understand them personally!

If you are about to lose your house due to finances, I may choose to market with a different strategy!

I am not uncomfortable with personal topics.

If someone struggles with depression, it may change which hours in a day we will allow showings. Sickness interrupts lifestyle, as does anxiety.

I want to show dignity to the person who has discomforts in daily living. I find that when I know my clients personally, I am able to serve them attentively and they will have a greater satisfaction in the process and in the outcome!

That being said, I respect a persons privacy. I will not require someone to tell me about their finances and health or relationships, that they don’t want to discuss!!! Clearly, that would make them uncomfortable from start to finish and that would be counter productive!

Being personable means that I can adapt to your comfort level to serve you best!

I believe that when I put the person first, the pay cheque will be greater than just cash. I will feel fulfilled and my client will be satisfied! I believe that is why I am being referred to other people. I believe this is why my business is growing!

It is up to you whether you choose an agent who serves people, or one who serves himself and his wallet!

I serve people and sell houses. I hope this blog clarifies what that means!

Tina Plett, Sutton Group-Kilkenny Real Estate

Your budget or your lifestyle?


PERSONAL PREFERENCE is the driving force that dictates where you choose to live! When you purchase a house, you are determining your lifestyle. The obvious first consideration is location!

Most often, when a buyer tells me they are approved for a certain amount, I notice that they shop for homes as close to the top of their budget as they can get! We all want as much as we can possibly have! Too often, once we get what we want, we cannot afford the lifestyle we wanted when we chose our home!

For the urban active lifestyle, a condo in the heart of the city may provide all the convenience you need for a carefree lifestyle. Remember, if you max yourself to the limit of your spending budget, you won’t be able to go out on the town the way you pictured when you chose this option. It is the lifestyle you are after! Choose lower payments and afford some night life!

For the rural lifestyle, you are considering an acreage where you can have a few animals and feel the purity of country life. Have you looked into the price of buying and maintaining the animals? Will you be buying saddles and building shelters? If you are shopping at the top of your pre approved budget, where will you find the additional a cash to take the horse to the vet?

BALANCE is necessary. When you find out how much you “can” spend on your next house, please stop and consider the costs of the lifestyle you want to live when you get moved in to that house!

Tina Plett, Sutton Group-Kilkenny Real Estate

Dealing with disappointment


Disappointment is an empty feeling. It comes when you experience a loss! Everyone experiences loss and disappointment at some time or another.

This week, I have seen many people be disappointed! I took a young couple to look at what they thought was the perfect property for them. When we arrived, we found the house needed extensive work beyond the budget! I watched their expressions turn from eager anticipation to  utter disappointment!

I also heard the tears of loss when a buyer was declined financing on a home after their house had already been sold. They are now homeless!

A young woman tried to purchase a budget home and was not able to do so because the divorce was not yet final, and that affected her financial status.

Another couple looked at nineteen homes and finally fell in love with one, just to find out that due to circumstances, they now have to put off buying for a while.

One of my sellers was ready to build their next home when a deal fell through because their buyer had been given an approval without a credit check.

I too have felt disappointment in each of these circumstances! I have suffered financial loss in each situation!

So what can we do to handle our disappointments?

1. Get some sleep!

2. Take time to eat. That sounds elementary, however, when you are stressed, it is easy to keep going and skip a meal.

3. Remind yourself of this: I have been disappointed before, and I did not like it. I survived the disappointment! Therefore, I will overcome this disappointment.

4. Consider:  Is there another option? Is there something I can do to make this work in the near future? How can I avoid getting into this situation again?

5. Plan. What steps will you take to pursue change that will move you in the right direction?

6. Realize this: My disappointment and my loss do not define me. My identity is not in the one thing that went wrong. I am created to live an abundant life and I have hope for my future!

7. Remember. Take a moment and remember your success stories. Give thanks for the wonderful moments you have enjoyed in life.

8. For me, I can by pass all those steps if someone just gives me a hug!

We have to find a way to get through and past our disappointment, or we cannot be proactive in helping others!

I am sorry for all the stuff that went bad for you, the reader. I am sure you have experienced deep disappointments in your life. Don’t let your past rob you of your future!

Tina Plett, Sutton Group-Kilkenny Real Estate

How to stand out from the crowd


For starters, stop trying to be like everybody else! You are your own person, with your own uniqueness! Some tips :


1. Know your strengths

2.  Go the extra mile

3. Serve with a smile

4. Think of the interests of others

5. Look for a new approach

6. Keep learning more about the trade you want to excel in

7. Clarify your objective

8. Purify your motives

9.  Don’t take rejection so personally

10. STOP focussing on “the thing” that went wrong in your day

These principles may sound elementary, but they are not consistently practiced! Stand apart from others by setting a clearer example!

Tina Plett, Sutton Group-Kilkenny Real Estate