Top 4 Tips for DIY Rental Property Management

  If you’ve ever owned a rental property, you’ve learned how to find great tenants and avoid the not-so-great ones. If you’re just starting out with rentals though, please enjoy this guest post from one of my investor clients who has a few tips to help you find your ideal tenants. ~                            ~                …

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When You’re Hanging By A Thread

Desperation sure puts a person’s integrity to the test, doesn’t it? After weeks of dashing town to town, waiting for no one in Open Houses, of failed offers and expired listings, I was feeling the pinch. Income was not happening and the expenses piled ever higher. To put it in perspective, try to imagine working for free for two months. Now picture that suddenly all your appliances and the motor in your car all…

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Stop Being So Wimpy!

Yes, I’m talking to you, my precious reader, client, family, friend. Because I care, I’m gonna tell you straight – stop being a pushover!  Far too often you let others tell you where it’s at.  The doctor tells you what to do, so you do it without question or research. The store clerk says ‘we don’t carry that’, so you leave without double checking the shelves. The banker tells you the best plan for…

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