3 Secrets to Writing Kick-Ass Property Descriptions

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“When I think of kick-ass write ups, I think of you.”

That’s what one agent told me recently. The compliment had me reeling a bit. I actually went back and reread some of the descriptions to see what he was talking about. As I looked them over, I discovered three things I used to make those property descriptions so awesome.

Three Secrets to Writing Awesome Property Descriptions

1)      Open by Overcoming Objections
For example, side-by-sides are viewed as low-end starters. This view keeps most people from even considering it. So, in my ad for a side-by-side, the first thing I said was, “Rethink the side-by-side”. Those 5 words accomplished two important things.
a) acknowledged the existing objection
b) aroused curiosity by implying another way to think about it.

2)      Surprising Statement to Draw Them In

I sold an igloo with this fun secret. During the longest, hardest winter our region has seen in over a century, I was marketing a dome-shaped house. It is the only one like it in the area, and had been on the market for months.
So, to refresh interest in the property I started advertising it as an igloo. Yes I did. It was unique, fun, interesting, and it worked!
The basic secret is to throw your readers off balance just enough to make them wonder what on earth you’re up to.

3)     Emotional Appeal

And I do not mean manipulation. This is about helping someone find the house they are desperately searching for. Help them see how this fits their lifestyle, their dreams, their goals. It’s about them.

This is where it often falls apart for the men. Sorry guys, but it’s true. Listing property facts won’t win a woman’s heart. And, if you want someone to fall in love with a property, you’ve got to speak to their heart.  Telling readers about a large living room and large kitchen with a large deck and large yard won’t win anyone over. Telling the family that will one day live there that the neighborhood is filled with the laughter of children though, gets a little closer to what they hope for.
Sell them their dreams.
Do you have any secrets to add?
What was one of your best opening lines on a property description?
I’d love to read it!



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