4 Ipad Apps Essential to my Business (or The Mobile Office Advantage)

imageDon’t let the zebra print fool you. This ipad is no toy. This is my office.

Some think that the brick and mortar office has an advantage in the marketplace. And that certainly was true a decade or two ago. Once upon a time, establishing one’s business in a solid building implied a solid place in the market. But times have changed.

Digital offices are the new way. They’re efficient, mobile, and accessible. Everything is online, and consumers expect to be able to find you there. I market tested this theory even back in my first years when I worked with a brick and mortar type of office. For a year, every single client I met with, I asked the same question. “Would you like to meet at… a) my (brick and mortar) office, b) in your home, or c) in a coffee shop or your favorite restaurant?” Know what happened? Not one single person EVER requested to meet me in the big building in which I worked.

Not one.  

I soon moved to an autonomous mobile agent situation (for several reasons), and continued to build a solid business. Mine is not built with concrete, but on solid, consistent, highly personalized service.

But. To have a mobile office requires tech savvy.  Heck, whether one has brick and mortar or not, one needs to still be tech savvy. If you are not online (where your clients are!), you’re missing out on over 60% of the market!  

One great way to start is to introduce your business to the ipad. You won’t believe what you can do with it, and how quickly.  I was asked recently how I use my ipad for business, so thought I’d share here too.

The 4 Ipad Apps Essential To My Business

Scanner Pro is my preferred app for scanning. I can scan documents, signatures and all, and send them instantly.

PDF Expert is my favorite app for typing or writing on a document.

Evernote is my favorite app for buyer files.

Dropbox or Google Drive are online file storages,  that are accessible from anywhere. This is where offers and all other documents related to a deal are stored in perfectly organized files.

In Real Estate, we have to respond to someone in a timely matter – immediately at times. Sending an offer in a hurry is a breeze with these apps. I can get my client’s signature right there in the restaurant, scan the document with the in app camera and it automatically converts to pdf right there. The PDF can email directly and on time, so we can close the deal.

What is keeping you from mobilizing your business online?

If you are already online, what is your favorite digital business tool? (and why?)


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  1. Jeff Stern

    Great post Tina! Today’s clients are ready mobile and we need to be as well. No longer do we need to sit in an office behind a desk with a hard wired landline phone when the cinsumer is busy with 2 jobs, kids and the extracurricular activities that are burden enough let alone having to find a babysitter and come to a real estate office.

    I went mobile in 1998 and at that time it was very hard to build my office. Mobile offices were unheard of, Cellular connectivity was slow and the only way (and very expensive) laptops were heavy and you still had to carry paper records. Today papers are in the cloud, tablets are lighter, last longer and connect to data plans and you can even remotely access desktop computers.

    You are certainly a forward thinking professional who does all you can to be there for your clients and to keep you productive.

  2. Natalie Donovan

    Zipforms and Docusign have made my life so much better. No more ruining the environment with unneeded gas fumes, emissions, and wasting paper. Plus all the time I have gained in my day, allows me to spend time with my family. MAJOR bonus points!

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