5 Ways To Force a Sale In Any Market

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*caution: sarcastic humour ahead*



Your client needs to buy from you. Or sell through you. The important thing to remember is that it’s about you, the salesperson. Unfortunately, clients are a necessary and often troublesome cog in the money machine that is sales. But take heart – there are ways to ensure the cog operates at maximum efficiency.

5 Ways To Force A Sale

  1. Guilt

    Guilt is a powerful motivator and must be capitalized on. Tell your client just how much time and money you already spent on this deal. Tell them sales have been slow and you need the money. Or tell them how you would like to visit your dying grandmother, but this appointment is more important. Pour it on thick. They owe you.

  2. Pressure

    Applying pressure is about keeping the client in a reactive state. Control is power. Be available for only short appointments, most of which must happen immediately or not at all. Don’t just say you have another offer,  wave a folder in their face which you swear contains another offer. Point to the couple who just left. Create a sense of urgency – and quickly!

  3. Manipulate

    Manipulation is more of an art than a science. It requires that you know your client well but care nothing for them. They have told you so much – maybe even confided in you. Use that. Twist their hearts desires against them until you get that sale. Offend their pride so the only option for them to save face is to buy from you. Puff up their pride so the only option for them to maintain face is to buy. See what I did there?

  4. Logic

    Feelings can quickly become the enemy of an easy sale. The illogical desires for an ‘ideal’ yard, or ‘perfect’ home can throw a wrench into any seller’s process. Get back your control over the situation by returning to logic. No on can disagree with what makes sense. As a bonus, anything can seem logical if you say it right. Mind over matter as they say.

  5. Promise

    Sell the future. Whole industries are built on this principle. National debt climbs ever higher because it’s what people want. They want the future. So sell it to them. Promise them that once they see their children playing in the yard, this will feel like home. Once they get furniture moved in, it won’t feel so small. They’ll see. Help them understand that you can see them in this house and that’s what matters.

There are countless ways and markets in which to apply these concepts.

How about you – have you pressured anyone today?

Don’t you think you should?



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