5 Ways to Sell Your House FASTER

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I don’t know if I’ve ever met a client who didn’t want to sell their property quickly.  Well, maybe one or two. Mostly, people just want to sell fast. Here are a few suggestions on how to do that.


Choose a Foot

First impressions matter, especially when hundreds of thousands of dollars are involved. Put your best foot forward with each impression. Marketing photos are most often the first thing people see. Next, the yard and exterior – so shine them up! Weed flower beds, shovel the walks, re-paint the garage door if it’s peeling. And the last first impression a prospective buyer usually gets is the entrance. So shine it up, make it smell great.

If It Ain’t Broke… Great?

Something as simple as a cracked window can become an obstacle to a sale. Sometimes a home repair is not about ‘getting the money back out’ as much as it is about helping make the sale in the first place. A cracked window or ancient furnace can be enough to repel a buyer. A new window and furnace though, may just help make the deal. Fixing what’s broken removes obstacles to a sale.

Empty or Furnished?

In my experience, an empty home is more difficult to show – for a few reasons. An empty room makes for poor marketing pictures, which then makes for a poor first impression. It is also difficult for prospective buyers to imagine the rooms furnished. An empty home is also not … homey. Listing while furnished or to hire a home stager are both methods that have proven to be well worth the effort.

For more suggestions on how to increase your chance of a sale, check out this post – and do exactly the opposite of what it suggests!





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