9 Clues You Might Be Hiring A Bad REALTOR®

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Every workplace has its ‘Staff Only’ closed door. Each industry has its seedy underbelly.
Do you ever wonder what happens when the professionals take down their showy smiles?  And how can you know what they’re saying behind the scenes?

I just happen to be the fly on the wall. And I’m dying to tell you how you can know whether or not you’re about to hire  a bad Real Estate Agent.

9 Clues You Might Be Hiring A Bad REALTOR®

1)     They approached you after your listing with another agent expired. They tried to sign you. That kind of thing flies in the States, but here in good ole Canada, it is federally not okay.

2)     They know that you have a verbal agreement to work with another agent, and continue to try to get your business anyway. Translation: they do not respect other agents

3)     They intimidate or pressure you in any way, especially to get your signature. Translation: they do not respect you.

4)     They tell you negative things about specific competitors. “Ah, they don’t know what they’re talking about” or “That agent isn’t even local”. Competent business people don’t find it necessary to put someone down to climb their way up.

5)     A name-dropping gossip will as easily splice you verbally as anyone else they’re bashing. This is how they talk about everyone, everywhere. Translation: You’re next.

6)     If you feel guilty – about hiring or not hiring them – there is a possibility you are being manipulated. Either they are pushing emotional buttons, or you easily feel guilty about a lot of things anyway. Translation: don’t let guilt make your decision. It doesn’t usually lead anywhere good.

7)     They lie. Even white lies. A business professional that places a low value on honesty and integrity- do I need to say this? – can’t. be. trusted. Please stop trusting them. Translation: If you’re okay with someone lying for you, just know they will also be lying to you.

8)     They refuse to talk to, look at, or work with a particular agent. This is a sign of a huge power struggle. It could be a whole-office boycott against a particular agent (these things happen), or it could be their own control issues.
Translation: They won’t take offers from an ‘enemy’ agent because of their own office attitudes. You will lose out on offers and showings in these games. In this game, you are the pawn.

9)     They tell you to break contract and hire them instead. Translation: umm… illegal counsel… theft… need I go on?



What clues would you add to the list?


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