9 Things Real Estate Agents Don’t Know

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Don't know
I like that people think I’m awesome and have access to all knowledge related to the property we’re looking at. Being put on a pedestal has its pleasantness. But in the end, people fall off of pedestals. You need to know the truth.

When you are touring houses with your agent, definitely ask questions. Find out everything you can about the property. That’s just prudent. But don’t be surprised when your agent doesn’t know some things on the spot. She may need to look them up or consult with a professional. Because the truth is, there are things Real Estate agents don’t know.

9 Things Real Estate Agents Don’t Know:


  1. Furnace components. Their age, brand, reliability- even their names and locations- may all be a mystery to your agent. We know where the furnace is and can tell if it’s old. Plumbing and Heating 101 was not in our training manual.
  2. Concrete. Age, density, or techniques used to pour are all gibberish to me. I’ll be passing your concrete related questions to a specialist
  3. Location of all light switches in every property. Nope. I really don’t. Sorry.
  4. Whether there is condensation in the attic. I know. It’s surprising that I wouldn’t poke around in the attic and moisture test the insulation. I do a lot of things, and go above-and-beyond like crazy, but that is not a REALTOR® thing. It’s a home inspection thing.
  5. What kinds of bacteria are in the water. Banks often require a water test for financing, and it is a necessary thing to be aware of, but I don’t have that knowledge on hand during the showing. Water tests are done later.  As part of the financing process.
  6. How many nests are in the chimney. I rarely walk on a roof, and never do so in heels. Home inspections (by professional home inspectors) should cover this.
  7. Whether the roof trusses are constructed and attached as they should be.
  8. To what degree the water is rusty.
  9. When the house was first built, by whom, and what building codes they did and did not follow at the time.

There might be a few more things Real Estate agents don’t know,  I just don’t know what they are right now.
What else would you add to the list? (Did any of these surprise you?)

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