A Day In The Life of a Rural Agent: Dabbling In Tourism

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photographerSometimes this job is weird. Good weird, but still. It’s never just selling houses or preparing contracts. This REALTOR® life is not about houses, it’s about people, so it’s always an adventure. As a rural agent, I get to work with a whole lot of backwoods types. And I love that. I am a bit of a redneck myself. That’s probably why it seemed especially odd when, one day, I felt a little like a diplomat.

The call came to meet a gentleman from China. (he had discovered me online) He wanted to see a piece of our vast prairie that was for sale. I did not expect to sign a new buyer or make money off of the meeting, thinking he was ‘just looking’. I obliged him though, because I love people, and saw it as an opportunity to serve as a representative of Manitoba.

It did feel a bit odd. I was, all at once, a distinguished representative (in my mind anyway), and also a tourist attraction – kind of like a giraffe in a zoo. He excitedly told me of his adventures so far in Canada. He made sure to have his picture taken with me. There we were, talking about purchasing the patch of land he’d only dreamed of, taking photos. Minus the camera around his neck, it was just like in the movies.

Feeling on display like that made me think.  Really, we’re all on display -especially in our digital world. But even offline, people are watching. What we say and do – how we live – we are always representing something or someone. Our family, the company we work for, or the God we serve.

Did you ever think of yourself as a diplomat, your every move a fascinating representation? Ooh. That’s deep. I’m excited for your own dabbling in tourism. So excited in fact, I’d like to take your picture.

Don’t move. I’ll go get my camera…




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