A Day In The Life of a Rural Agent – Day Off? What Is That?

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Sometimes this ‘available-7-days-a-week’  pace catches up with me. Recently I found myself collapsed on the couch, spent, drained, and wondering how long this can go on. And there, staring at the ceiling, unable to resist gravity’s pull, I knew I can’t face the day. The thought of making one more phone call was almost enough to make me cry. And I don’t cry.

It is there, in that near-catatonic state, it hit me. It was a profound thought; a deeply insightful and life-altering thought. An epiphany really; I need a day off. I let the thought dance around freely, too tired to restrain it.

Maybe I could even have more than one day off…

Maybe even a regularly recurring day off! Oh, glorious thought!

But wait. It’s not like I can just find someone to take my shift. I operate under the umbrella of an agency, but I am an entrepreneur. The Tina Plett biz is owner operated, and she has no staff. Who does an entrepreneur call?

My head fills with plans to co-ordinate with other agents, and ways to serve my clients even on a day off… Gravity pulls again, making even this quiet space harried with urgent planning.

With closed eyes I take a mini-holiday, disappearing to some sandy beach and sip icy red from a glass, refreshed in the shade of a palm tree. The peaceful lapping of the waves soothes me until lunch. I’ll be back after lunch, refreshed and ready to take on the day. Hopefully returning to a head full of ideas on how to implement that wonderful dream, the day off.


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