I was referred to Tina by my old realtor and have nothing but nice things to say. She is worth every penny!! She surrounds herself with an amazing team that are easy to work with and will get you top dollar for your home. I was shocked that I had my house listed for less then a month before it sold. She is flexible and understands that people are unique individuals. If you are going through a separation, new to real estate, looking for experience or advice and want someone who understands how difficult transitioning can be on a person or family Tina is amazing. I knew she was the realtor for me when she took the time to ask how my kids viewed the upcoming move. She excels at her job because she understands about both the heart and home.

You are authentic and you are genuinely caring for people.
Thanks for helping us.


May 27, 2017

Tina was introduced to me by a friend as someone who would be helpful in showing me what were good living options for a senior wanting to live on her own and what type she felt would suit my needs the best for renting or purchasing. Little did I know that this woman would be one of the best things that happened to me. Not only did she fulfill that request, she also had some listings that were available that were perfect for what I had envisioned. She had listened to my heart. My decision to purchase the first option I liked didn’t materialize as I had hoped because the criteria that was needed for the life lease was something I couldn’t provide. I was really disappointed and discouraged, but Tina was there for me keeping me encouraged and keeping us looking for other accommodations and then suggested perhaps another area might work for me and had listings sent to me daily to check out. There was one option which she said was very similar to what I looked at, not quite as fancy, but after viewing the property, it turned out to be even better for my needs than the first one. On top of it was over $30,000 less than the original choice. She never quit working for me day or night, even when I made several contacts of her. Always pleasant and excited to help me move on. Having worked in real estate law and having had a husband in real estate, I have seen both ends of the spectrum of a real estate agent. The sincere hard worker and the ones that are only in it for the sale. I saw this woman go far beyond the extra mile for me and the others she was working with at the time. Her listings are precise, full of great well taken photos, well described and if you are selling, the buyer knows what they are getting with her listings. You can almost see yourself living there. They just have a certain special professional edge to them. I never felt pressured to buy something that wasn’t near what I wanted at any time. I would be the first to recommend this lady as your agent. They don’t come better than Tina. She is very professional, very keen to note things you might forget, checked everything with me, showed me where things were in the home and knew her listings well. I today moved into the option property to find many perks there that I totally didn’t expect. Top quality appliances, a solid home and was even introduced to my neighbors. This woman will remain a friend for life and I definitely will recommend her to anyone who wants top quality service. Thanks Tina for my new home. It wouldn’t have happened without you.


June 10, 2017

Just sayin if anyone is looking for a fantastic agent to sell your home, or if you are looking to buy, Tina Plett of Sutton Realty is dynamite! She sells all over the city, country, you name it she’ll get it. Love that girl to pieces. Kind, caring, honest, etc.


Thank you for being you! You are so awesome Tina!

You’re professional and yet personable. Your integrity is admirable. And most important, you make your clients feel like they matter to you and I know we do. I will never forget meeting with you in a hospital room to sign the paperwork for our new home the day before Eric was born. Or how you met us in the parking lot at Shoppers and prayed with me because I was overwhelmed with my baby being stuck in the NICU and myself being stuck at home on bedrest after the caesarean. You do so much more for your clients than buy and sell homes! You are truly a wonderful person and an inspiration!

-Ashley K



Top Rated Agent


Top Rated Agent

Tina was able to deal with my anxiety disorder in an  extremely professional way.   She made the purchase process really smooth and easy, unbelievable. Having dealt with agents before, I am totally surprised! Awesome experience!


Excellent service. Very responsive.


Tina went above and beyond for us. We were looking for a house while I was 8 months pregnant. She was very accommodating and very knowledgeable of the homes we looked at. She did everything she could to make sure we were happy an got everything we were looking for. I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell as she actually cares about the clients and isn’t just there for the paycheque. – Cheryl Hiebert


Very responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable. Made the experience fun!




Thank you so much for helping me to purchase my first home!

You were very patient and kind even in my crazy, stressed, no sleep states, you always manage to call me down and guide me through every step! I am so grateful for your knowledge and expertise.

I’m so happy with my ” Lucky 13″  and I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks for being there through every text, call, email and showings… You made the crazy process bearable! I will gladly pass along your name to any of my friends/family who are looking to buy/sell a home!

Take care and thank you again for everything. I truly enjoyed all the time we spent together!


” No doubt, your success in your profession is due to your heartfelt understanding of people in any stage of life.”

-Kim Cook

Tina was very approachable and knowledgeable throughout my entire house hunt. She was  very quick to respond to emails, texts, and phone calls and she always made me feel comfortable every step of the way. 10/10 service!


We met Tina while she was showing an open house. My fiancé and I weren’t actively looking for a new place, but just decided to start browsing to see what was out there. While at this open house Tina instantly gave off a warm and welcoming vibe. The conversation flowed easily and we never felt uncomfortable talking to her. From that very first unexpected open house, we knew we wanted Tina to be our realtor.
Tina has a genuine compassion for her clients. She listened to our location preferences, budget and asked us questions to things we hadn’t even thought of. With that information she always provided listings that were in our parameters, and we loved that she gave us listings that she thought we might like also. We had a blast looking at all these houses, with Tina’s fun and down-to-earth personality there was never a dull moment.
Once we became more serious on a particular house, Tina’s professionalism and knowledge was OUTSTANDING. I have never lived in the country before so having her to explain what a septic field was, and how a sump pump worked really helped me to further understand things I needed to be aware of when buying in the country. Every question or concern we had during our time together she answered promptly – there were A LOT of questions – and not once did we ever feel like a bother to her.
Tina really does put her clients first and foremost. She went above and beyond my expectations of what a realtor does, and I am truly thankful I met her. We enjoyed every minute of this journey to our new home, and so glad she was there to share it with us. We are incredibly impressed over-all with Tina, and we will continue to buy or sell with her – and we will highly recommend her to anyone we know!
Thank you Tina, for all your hard work and help throughout this process. We look forward to working with you again!

-Holly-Jaide and Steven



Tina, I want you to know how much I appreciate the way you so graciously led me through this whole buying process. You definitely portray integrity and professionalism.

I love my COUNTRY home!


“Tina was extremely friendly and professional to work with. In our particularily unusual sales transaction Tina was extremely respectful to all parties involved and she showed knowledge and expertise that out shines real estate agents that we have worked with in the past. Tina is also very genuine and honest when exploring all the options and situations that are within a sales transaction. We would highly recommend her to anyone.”

– Garett and Kim

“Thank you Tina, first of all, for doing everything you said you would do, and second for working as hard as you did to get our listing out there.

You promptly returned our calls and did everything you could to sell our home. You are very much appreciated and are recommended to anyone we know in need of a realtor!

Thank you once again for all the hard work you invested in selling our home. You are #1 on our recommendation list.”

– Andy and Julie

“Tina, you are awesome. You went above and beyond what you promised. You worked very hard for us and we recommend you to everyone we talk to. You gave of yourself 150%. Thankyou thanyou thankyou.”

– Stan and Hildie

“Thank-you very much Tina for selling our house. We felt you went above and beyond, and worked very hard for us. We look forward to working again with you in the future and will recommend you highly to our friends.”

– Don and Sylvia

“We would like to thank you for all your help finding a home in the country. We found you to be very professional, knowledgeable and cooperative. You were willing to drive back and forth from Winnipeg to the country many times in any weather. You always answered your telephone immediately which is rare these days. Once again thanks for all the help you have given us. We look forward to dealing with you in the future as the need arrises.”

– L. Loptson, Winnipeg

“Thank you for your professional service! I’ve been impressed from start to finish with prompt, courteous service and speedy reply to any of my questions. I appreciate that you made yourself available and made it ‘a priority’.

It is also unique to watch you use whatever resources you can to market- from social media to remembering contacts from years back, you do what you can to make it work.

Thank you for your hard work and professionalism and most of all, integrity! I’m happy to list with you anytime!”

– Kim Rempel

I met Tina while she was a Listing agent for a house that I looked at.  I thought I never felt I needed a realtor (as a buyer).  I really liked Tina’s outgoing personality, but admired her ability to be professional and friendly at the same time.  We stayed in contact ever since that meeting.

Tina helped my husband and I look at multiple locations within our budget and location parameters.  When we did manage to find our dream home, the seller was very difficult to work with (an aging widow with dementia who had just recently lost her husband).  She wasn’t ready to sell, and actually refused us entrance during our appointment.  Tina’s genuine compassion eased the seller’s trepidations and she allowed us to reschedule (we later found out that the seller also refused entry for about 6 other scheduled appointments that day).

We re-scheduled, and with Tina’s help, we got permission to see the property.  It was exactly what I wanted.  I grew up in the country, but in town. I didn’t know much (if anything) about septic tanks/fields, and well water – I was so glad to have Tina’s guidance on what was to be expected and what I should look for.  After we gave our offer, the seller advised us the water was “no good”. Undrinkable water can stop a lender from granting a mortgage.. Again – Tina was to the rescue – gathering a water sample and taking it in for testing – to find out there was nothing wrong with the water, only that it “smelt bad’.

Then I got the call.  The seller’s documents regarding her Power of Attorney were invalid.  My contract was void.  I was heart broken.  I had already changed everything to reflect my new life in my new home. The seller was no longer speaking to the listing agent.  Once again, Tina came to my rescue – (after getting permission from the listing agent) by contacting the seller’s son (the registered Power of Attorney) and helped him get the paperwork rectified.

I know Tina did everything possible she could do to finalize my deal.  I will forever be grateful for her compassion, her knowledge, and her persistence that got me my home.



It’s funny we met Tina, looking to buy “THE Anola house”. And after a few short months after deciding not to pull the trigger at the last minute, she was there by our sides selling our old house in Transcona and helping us buy our new dream home in Oakbank. It’s funny how we met by chance, but I couldn’t have asked for a more grounded person. We would like to thank you Tina for the experience we had with you. It was smooth, never pressured, and ALWAYS in our best interest. She was able to sell our house within 24 hours and had already lined us up with our new home just waiting for the final approval of sale on our old house. Tina’s way of marketing in this age of social media sure did make the difference, especially the photographer she hired. It made us want to buy our own house.

In fact we also put Tina in contact with our parents, who sold in Canterbury Park and bought their new home in Paradise Village a month after our deal was signed. And they too loved the pictures that were taken by the photographer. Why more real estate agents don’t hire to promote their listings is beyond me, it takes your listing from ok to WOW!!!! Especially in this age of online shopping, gone are the days of going house to house. We looked online first and decided what to see from that.

To conclude, we were blessed meeting Tina and I will ALWAYS refer her to my friends and family for their real estate needs. Thank You Tina Plett, as long as you’re in real estate we will choose to go with you everytime!!!

Johnny & Tiffany Blanchard

-Johnny and Tiffany

Working with Tina was abosulte pleasure. I really appreciated how Tina kept constant communication throughout the entire process from listing to selling. Tina was always professional and did a wonderful job of marketing and showing my home. Her positive and upbeat personality made her a pleasure to work with.




Thanks for the hard negotiations.


“Couldn’t have asked for anyone better to list our house! Tina showed us several houses in the area, and she is so easy to get along with…so funny and we really loved that she tells it like it is, which is so important when your making such a big decision! Thank you, Tina for being so great and always understanding that life sometimes happens!! We will be looking again in the future and when we do…we’ll be calling to have you list for us once

– Jill

“Hello Tina,
Thank-you again for selling a second home for us. We appreciate all the hard work and extra time you spent with us.
We look forward to working with you in the future, you are Our Agent and we wouldn’t make a move without you!
Thanks again Don and Sylvia”

– Sylvia