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ABOUT Sutton Group

Sutton was founded in 1983 and subsequently altered the course of an entire industry on the principle that real estate was driven by highly personalized relationships between the REALTOR® and their customers. As such, the Sutton System was designed to put the REALTOR® – not the real estate company – at the center of each business transaction. It delivers consumer-driven services, cost-control and creative business freedom to independent Realtors® on the front lines of the industry.

Sutton was also the first real estate company to offer each of its 7500 REALTORS®  a personal email and custom website at the industry-renowned ‘’ address. This initiative positioned its REALTORS® as specialized information brokers, and empowered them to continue growing responsive relationships through a cohesive- and still personal- marketing strategy.

With the entrepreneurial capacity to service local markets and appeal to unique demands, Sutton REALTORS® enjoy the best personal net income opportunity in the industry. Their efforts consistently exceed $35 billion in real estate transactions annually. 

Billion annually
local agents


We, Tina and Eniko, share core values and a commitment to serving people with integrity. We believe in treating people with respect and keeping our client’s interests at heart as we serve them.  We are caring women who love our families and our pets and enjoy our careers. Immensely. 

We are passionate about what we do. We are deliberate and strategic in how we do it.

You will find us to be ATTENTIVE from Sign Up till Sign Down.

We work in a culture that spurs collaboration.

We embrace technology and social media.

We use creative marketing techniques to ensure that your listing will be viewed by as many potential buyers as possible.

Tina Plett


Don’t let the silver hair fool you. There may be snow on the roof but there is still fire in the furnace!

Tina is a tech savvy agent who enjoys working with millennials as much as she does with her own age group or even seniors. 

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Eniko Crozier 


Eniko is a nature lover. Her appearance is as natural as her ability to negotiate a deal. 

She is bound to show up in a big truck wearing jeans and no makeup.  

You can TRUST this woman.  

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Sutton Group-Kilkenny Real Estate 

We can depend on the  conveyancing staff at Sutton Group-Kilkenny Real Estate to communicate effectively with your lawyer and the brokerage on the other end of the transaction.

Roberta is our office manager. 

Thank you to our office staff pictured left to right;

Roberta, Michelle(receptionist), Monique, Sandy, and  Sikai.


Andrew Single, John Hunsberger, and David Smith

Our questions get directed to these brokers. There is always someone available to coach us through a new experience or challenge. 

Andrew is our techy person who loves nothing more than to make us laugh.

John is a respected developer and agent who has much experience to add value to the brokerage and agents.

Dave’s  experience and knowledge have been fundamental to the company. We have counted on his wisdom many times. 

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