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What Families Really Need After a House Fire

After a local couple lost their home to a fire, three things happened, the first being the instant homelessness of the couple and their two children. Next, since these were people I cared about, I organized a collection to help them start over, and put out a public invitation for anyone to contribute. Then I noticed people tended toward thinking one of two things. Either “Oh my goodness! How can I help?’ or ‘What…

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What I’m About to Do Is Either Really Risky or Really Brilliant

I’ve started doing something I have never done before. Every week I travel for work, from one property to another, sometimes an hour away, and I drive across every patch of prairie in between because that’s the life of a real estate professional.  I have no problem with that. I actually love the drive, the -- *DING* Sorry, that was my phone. Hang on a sec. Okay. There. We’re good. Where was I? Oh…

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When the Eagle Leaves the Nest

This year, I’ve had much to celebrate; the award, the surprise media coverage, becoming known as the go-to real estate agent for all things tech, and I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Eniko for our fourth consecutive year. But things change. You may have noticed Eniko’s beautiful face is no longer on my website. Her name is no longer beside mine.  We are no longer the team we once were. Usually, when…

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