On Finding Joy Even in the Harshness of Winter and Post-Christmas Bills

Right about the third week of January, the stark white and deep cold of winter can start to feel… endlessly and grey. And somehow, the frozenness of winter seems to spread its icy fingers and turn other things cold too. Facebook feeds can scroll on and on with misery and complaining, the bills from December’s extravagance frown at us from their pile in the corner, and the deck and garden that usually bring so…

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Surviving Amidst a Culture of Being Offended About Everything

Warning. The following post might be offensive, especially to people who like to be offended. In Canada, it’s okay to be offended. It might even be a prerequisite to being Canadian, I’m not sure. It does seem that walking around feeling offended about all things great and small seems to be a popular activity. We ban sports team logos because they are “racially insensitive” and demand funding be cut from sports teams to force…

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