Swing wide the gates!

  Easter weekend was emotional for me. A friend passed away. I got to spend time with my family and one of my brothers was not there. I fell on concrete and scraped my knee like a kid and bruised my pride. One of my sellers had someone rob their house. My paperwork has been interrupted which makes me feel overwhelmed. And then it happened. I got the phone call. An elderly lady who…

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What the dog???

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This morning, I opened up the door and both of my dogs bounded through the door simultaneously and went side by side down the stairs in synchronized movement. My little pixie is not intimidated ┬áby the size difference between herself and the border collie. She doesn't seem to feel less entitled because Ranger lived here before she did. I am not sure that she is aware that her coat is a different color, or…

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You can’t laugh with your arms folded!

I want to love my life. I want to laugh a lot! What about you? This week, I have witnessed many tense situations and have made an observation. People who are defensive put up a guard that keeps warmth from coming in and laughter from being released. Laughter is good medicine! Let me ask you this: have you ever known someone that is a control freak? Would you describe them as fun and humorous?…

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