On Finding Joy Even in the Harshness of Winter and Post-Christmas Bills

Right about the third week of January, the stark white and deep cold of winter can start to feel… endlessly and grey. And somehow, the frozenness of winter seems to spread its icy fingers and turn other things cold too. Facebook feeds can scroll on and on with misery and complaining, the bills from December’s extravagance frown at us from their pile in the corner, and the deck and garden that usually bring so…

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Recruiting Season in Real Estate-Should I change brokerages?

Realtors are independent contractors. We are individuals with our own mindset toward business. Yet, we all belong to a team as well.   I found myself relating the mindset of a Realtor with the different positions played in hockey.   I imagine how the players are positioned on the ice just before the puck is going to be dropped. They look up and all they can see in front of them is the players on…

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When You’re Moving Out: The Process of Letting Go Happens to Everyone [The One Thing You Can Do to Make It Easier On Yourself]

  I’ve helped a lot of people find a new home, and they all had two things in common. One: They had to leave one home to move into another. Two: It always involved a process of letting go. Every single time. It didn’t matter if it was a twenty year old moving out for the first time or whether it was a seventy year old widow downsizing her way into a condo. Whether…

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