When You’re Moving Out: The Process of Letting Go Happens to Everyone [The One Thing You Can Do to Make It Easier On Yourself]

  I’ve helped a lot of people find a new home, and they all had two things in common. One: They had to leave one home to move into another. Two: It always involved a process of letting go. Every single time. It didn’t matter if it was a twenty year old moving out for the first time or whether it was a seventy year old widow downsizing her way into a condo. Whether…

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The Chivalry of this Fifteen Year Old Blew Me Away

    The silvery-haired woman stepped into the utility room of her new house to receive instruction on how to maintain the furnace and various mechanical doodads. She’d been recently widowed and had spent the last weeks and months searching for a home for this new chapter of her life. It was a huge undertaking for her to prepare the house for sale, then de-clutter and pack. She sifted through thousands of items, each…

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Home Sellers On My Heart (And the Secret Buyer Advantage Most People Aren’t Using)

    Normally, getting an offer to purchase on your house is exciting. After waiting all that time for the sale, finally there’s light at the end of the tunnel! Waiting for your house to sell was hard. But do you know what’s even more difficult? Receiving an offer that’s subject to the sale of the buyer’s home. It’s waiting for the buyer’s house to sell before they can buy yours. My heart goes…

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