On Finding Joy Even in the Harshness of Winter and Post-Christmas Bills

Right about the third week of January, the stark white and deep cold of winter can start to feel… endlessly and grey. And somehow, the frozenness of winter seems to spread its icy fingers and turn other things cold too. Facebook feeds can scroll on and on with misery and complaining, the bills from December’s extravagance frown at us from their pile in the corner, and the deck and garden that usually bring so…

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Surviving the Storm – Self Care for a Hurting Heart

Recently we got together with our pastor friends. Our conversation was like a breeze of spring air in a stale apartment. It had been a rough week and our visit had been a refreshing oasis. There’s something powerful about connecting with others who are likeminded and who build each other up and encourage each other, isn’t there? Whether in work, relationships, parenting, or our own spiritual, mental, or emotional health, these moments of refreshment…

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When Weeds Hide Beneath the Surface (Plus FREE Devotional Download!)

    I finally found time to get to my flower garden. The sun was shining, ground moist from recent rain, and I was ready to clear out tall weeds to reveal beautiful, black soil. Down on my knees, as I pulled weed after weed, I saw a particularly large dandelion. Wanting to pull it out by the root to remove it completely, I grabbed my handy root-digger-upper tool and had at it. Just…

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