Recruiting Season in Real Estate-Should I change brokerages?

Realtors are independent contractors. We are individuals with our own mindset toward business. Yet, we all belong to a team as well.   I found myself relating the mindset of a Realtor with the different positions played in hockey.   I imagine how the players are positioned on the ice just before the puck is going to be dropped. They look up and all they can see in front of them is the players on…

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How to Get Home Buyers to See Your House for Sale (Most People Forget This One Secret)

 Agents ask it. Sellers ask it.Everyone who has ever hosted an open house asks it.“Where are all the buyers?!?” When putting your home up for sale or offering an Open House, you might hear cricket sounds.There are a couple of reasons for that, and they’re not all bad. Also, there IS something you can do to find those buyers and get them to see your house. I’ll share that secret in a minute. First…

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How to Compete with Colleagues without Steam Rolling or Hair Pulling (And Why Competing Agents are Your BEST Customers!)

  There are a lot of weird things about the real estate profession. Like working side by side with your direct competitors under the same unified banner. You’re on a team, but you’re also not. Sure, there’s camaraderie, all of us being members of the real estate ‘sisterhood’, but here’s the thing. Sometimes sisters fight. Insecurities, miscommunication, and outright jealousy and fear can cause a lot of problems among humans. Even real estate agents.…

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