How to Get Home Buyers to See Your House for Sale (Most People Forget This One Secret)

 Agents ask it. Sellers ask it.Everyone who has ever hosted an open house asks it.“Where are all the buyers?!?” When putting your home up for sale or offering an Open House, you might hear cricket sounds.There are a couple of reasons for that, and they’re not all bad. Also, there IS something you can do to find those buyers and get them to see your house. I’ll share that secret in a minute. First…

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Privately Selling Your House? Sell Faster and Get More Buyers in the Door [VIDEO & CHECKLIST]

Private home sellers want to know two things: how to get more buyers in the door and how to sell their house faster. What most home owners don’t know is that over 90% of those currently in serious house hunting mode are already working with an agent. Most of the unrepresented buyers shopping private sales are investors or buyers looking for a house on the cheap.   The best and biggest source of buyers…

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Put It Away, We Don’t Want to See That

  Showings can be scary. And a little... overly personal. Some things are better left unseen, you know? Want to sell your house? Start hiding stuff. Well, unless you want to frighten away potential buyers. Then, by all means, leave out the diapers and sour milk. Things Buyers (And Agents) Don't Want To See: Gunracks  An old-style gun rack is a scary sign to a buyer. If it's full of guns, you look armed and…

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