When Selling the House is About Controlling the Spouse

We need to talk about control. This series about selling due to separation would not be complete without talking about the games people play and how they try to manipulate each other. Incredibly, the blazing hot emotions involved with divorce can turn a previously loving relationship into a battle zone. Sometimes, the sale of a house becomes the last pawn in that battle to the death. As a real estate agent, I get a…

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Why I Was Glad Their House Didn’t Sell

    The phone rang. It was a past client. “My marriage is over...” She explained they'd decided to end it and wanted me to list their house. I was able to head over to her place right away. Before hanging up though, I encouraged her to rethink the separation. “Relationships are more important to me than transactions.” “No, it won’t work. We need to sell and end it.” “Okay, I’m on my way.”…

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The Shocking Emotional Fallout of Divorce (and You Thought Zombies Were Scary)

  Separation is emotionally volatile. What’s surprising is that it surprises people. I’m not sure why. It’s perfectly logical. When a previously deep and intimate connection disintegrates, it does not go quietly into the night. The connection doesn’t simply become dead. It becomes… undead. It continues living but in a new, twisted form. Divorce seems to poison its victims, transforming one or both into claw-bearing, fanged creatures who rip and tear relentlessly to satisfy…

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