Why I Took My Client’s Wedding Photo Off the Wall (and why she didn’t stop me)

    When I arrived, I found her hunched over a box, in tears. She had been packing, getting ready to list her house. Well, their house. They had lived there for decades. Now the marriage had come apart at the seams, and she was left to tie up the loose ends. She would pack up the house and ready it for sale. It looked like about the hardest thing she’d ever had to do.…

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The Awkwardness of Selling Due to Separation

  No one wants to talk about it. But it’s happening more and more. People are selling their houses due to marital separation. I’m not sure what’s worse though – the crisis many couples are in while they try to sell their house, or that no one is talking about the swirling mess of issues that come up as a result. I may not be able to rescue anyone from crisis, but I can…

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