Hijacker – A Real Estate Adventure

I’m doing something quite different today. This time I just want to tell you a story- a two part fictional tale set in the grand world of Real Estate.  Enjoy :)   Rain pelted the windshield as she sped down slick highways. She turned onto the gravel road, and slowed to maneuver around potholes and bump across wash-board patches. Even so, she arrived early at the little farmhouse her client wanted to see.  …

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How I got Fired

True story. Many details have been left out! I was working for a seller who was out of province. The house they had for sale had no one living in it. They did however have the house partially staged with their own items and had left behind some things with sentimental value as well. When I took the listing, I put up a secure lock box so that no one but a REALTOR would…

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What do you mean my power of attorney won’t be enough???

My buyer was so excited to finally find the location and the size of yard, within their budget, that she had been needing, after more than a year of searching! I cannot tell you the hoops she had to jump through to finally put in the offer, have the offer accepted and then to remove all of the conditions necessary to close the deal! I got to see the reaction of joy that makes…

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