The Shocking Thing a Difficult Client Said to Me

      I LOVE my job – It’s got adventure, variety, and the deep satisfaction of helping people find their perfect-for-them home. Last month put that love to the test though, I’ve gotta say. From every angle, side, and corner, various Boogiemen leapt from the shadows. Here are a couple of general examples of conversations that may or may not have happened recently. Client: “Hi, Tina?” Me: “Hi, how are you?” Client: “Hurry!!!…

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You Only Drown in Water if You Stay There (How to Recharge in the Face of Obstacles)

We all face obstacles. A controlling parent, a cheating colleague, lying clients, or a bullying boss. When you’re in it, especially if stress and difficulty come from multiple sides, it can feel like the most miserable isolation. But the truth is that none of us is alone. We all struggle. So what do you do when the pressure becomes relentless and you start to feel like you’re drowning in negativity? You don’t drown in…

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How This Cute Senior Couple Made My Day

  It was the end of a long, frazzled day. Showings here, demanding clients there, and a list of time-sensitive tasks that needed to be done ‘asap or else’ had chased me to the end of my time. But there was one more to go. That evening I met with an older couple, in their eighties, to show them a house. I had no idea the surprise that awaited. We walked into the vacant…

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