Realtor Rescues – How My Clients Saved Me (And Might Restore Your Faith in Humanity)

Vans and semis zoomed past me on the highway shoulder. I sighed and dialed my client. “I’m sorry – I’m going to be quite late for the showing. I’m stranded with a flat tire.” We can’t choose what happens to us. We do get to choose how we’ll respond though. I could choose to be angry about the guy who fixed my tire last, or whoever left nails on the highway. I wondered how…

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A Day in the Life of a Rural Steinbach Realtor: The Creepiest House Showing I Ever Did

    Being a rural real estate agent is a big, weird adventure. Icy country roads are a regular threat. Moccasins are part of my winter attire. And then there was the time I nearly got shot. My real estate agent career is riddled with stories. One in particular haunts me every now and then.  I’d been on the hunt for properties for my client when I came across one I thought she’d be…

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Why I Was Glad Their House Didn’t Sell

    The phone rang. It was a past client. “My marriage is over...” She explained they'd decided to end it and wanted me to list their house. I was able to head over to her place right away. Before hanging up though, I encouraged her to rethink the separation. “Relationships are more important to me than transactions.” “No, it won’t work. We need to sell and end it.” “Okay, I’m on my way.”…

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