Surviving Amidst a Culture of Being Offended About Everything

Warning. The following post might be offensive, especially to people who like to be offended. In Canada, it’s okay to be offended. It might even be a prerequisite to being Canadian, I’m not sure. It does seem that walking around feeling offended about all things great and small seems to be a popular activity. We ban sports team logos because they are “racially insensitive” and demand funding be cut from sports teams to force…

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Why I Showed Them a House I Knew They’d Never Buy

    I recognized the address right away. I had been there before. The foundation was in deplorable condition.  I knew they would not buy it.  But, I booked the appointments anyway. We saw five houses on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Once they saw the house with the crumbling foundation they exclaimed they would never invest in a house like this. “I know,” I said. “I knew about the foundation, and I knew you…

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