Competing offers on Rural Acreage?

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Supply and demand has always dictated market value. As a Rural REALTOR, I am aware that there are many people searching for that perfect acreage! However, it is rare to find acreage near the city! Some are choosing commute an hour from work just to live their dream, which usually includes pets and animals. It is no surprise then, that when 80 acres comes on the market ten to fifteen minutes from Steinbach, that there are many buyers! In a week’s time, I had competing offers! The accepted offer was subject to the sale of a house which did not sell within the time frame agreed upon. As soon as the first accepted offer collapsed, we again had competing offers! That’s right! Two times on the same property!  Yesterday, we removed all conditions and the property is officially sold! It is a pleasure to drive down dirt roads, listen to the birds chirping, and helping people find their piece on earth!


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