Conviction determines my motivation! It is the reason that I respond and behave the way that I do.

One of the things that always breaks my heart, is when I see people in authority taking advantage of innocent people.

In real estate, the seller and the buyer are dependent on the knowledge of the real estate agent, the lender, and the lawyer, to buy or sell a home.

I personally have lost countless dollars, time, and potential clients, due to the behavior of other agents.

I will always find another house to sell, another house to sell my buyer, and God will always take care of my income. I am able to handle rejection, to brush off my personal grievances, and move on into the next day.

What about the buyer or the seller?

What about the person who has purchased a property and ends up going bankrupt within a very short period of time because of the advice that they took from a professional?

What about the person who sells their house because the lender told them that they were qualified to buy, only to find out that their credit is bad and they cannot purchase another house.

Sometimes, a buyer will purchase the property believing that they can have animals on the property based on what a professional has told them, only to find out that the zoning bylaws will not allow for animals on the property.

When someone purchases a property, they are investing their finances, their future, their hopes and dreams, and changing their lifestyle in order to purchase a home.

Convictions make me want to honor someone else’s hopes, dreams, future and finances.

I could not go to sleep at night if I had placed my financial benefit ahead of the life of another person.

Tina Plett, Sutton Group-Kilkenny Real Estate

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