Dealing with disappointment

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Disappointment is an empty feeling. It comes when you experience a loss! Everyone experiences loss and disappointment at some time or another.

This week, I have seen many people be disappointed! I took a young couple to look at what they thought was the perfect property for them. When we arrived, we found the house needed extensive work beyond the budget! I watched their expressions turn from eager anticipation to  utter disappointment!

I also heard the tears of loss when a buyer was declined financing on a home after their house had already been sold. They are now homeless!

A young woman tried to purchase a budget home and was not able to do so because the divorce was not yet final, and that affected her financial status.

Another couple looked at nineteen homes and finally fell in love with one, just to find out that due to circumstances, they now have to put off buying for a while.

One of my sellers was ready to build their next home when a deal fell through because their buyer had been given an approval without a credit check.

I too have felt disappointment in each of these circumstances! I have suffered financial loss in each situation!

So what can we do to handle our disappointments?

1. Get some sleep!

2. Take time to eat. That sounds elementary, however, when you are stressed, it is easy to keep going and skip a meal.

3. Remind yourself of this: I have been disappointed before, and I did not like it. I survived the disappointment! Therefore, I will overcome this disappointment.

4. Consider:  Is there another option? Is there something I can do to make this work in the near future? How can I avoid getting into this situation again?

5. Plan. What steps will you take to pursue change that will move you in the right direction?

6. Realize this: My disappointment and my loss do not define me. My identity is not in the one thing that went wrong. I am created to live an abundant life and I have hope for my future!

7. Remember. Take a moment and remember your success stories. Give thanks for the wonderful moments you have enjoyed in life.

8. For me, I can by pass all those steps if someone just gives me a hug!

We have to find a way to get through and past our disappointment, or we cannot be proactive in helping others!

I am sorry for all the stuff that went bad for you, the reader. I am sure you have experienced deep disappointments in your life. Don’t let your past rob you of your future!

Tina Plett, Sutton Group-Kilkenny Real Estate

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