Does Your Agent REALLY Have YOUR Best Interests in Mind?

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Ever wonder if your agent is really giving your sale their best effort?

Hopefully you’re one of the lucky ones with a dedicated agent who really is in your corner even if it costs them more than they’d hoped.

Too often an agent’s own motivations, which may or may not line up with yours, compromise their putting the client first. This can be reflected in the marketing time and dollars an agent invests, the time they put into hunting for a buyer for your property, or even in their advice. This video (an excerpt from a compelling documentary, “Freakonomics”) gives an example of how an agent’s motives and yours may not align.

The point is to be aware.

a)      Don’t blindly trust every agent. Not all are on your side.

b)      Don’t blindly distrust every agent. Not all are out to get you.

c)      Just be informed and choose wisely. Then work as a team to get it done.

How can you be informed and choose wisely? I’m glad you asked! I can’t wait to help with that. Check out some upcoming posts I have cooking:

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–          Insider Secrets about Agent Commissions (and how to negotiate a great deal)

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