I have not forgotten what it was like to be alone at Christmas. Every year, lonely people I know, struggle with a will to live during the holidays.  Do you know someone who will be alone? Please tell them about an event I am hostessing.   ADULT evening out at the Steinbach Legion on the corner of Lumber and Elmdale. Anyone who feels alone is welcome. Cost: please bring a food dish. Tis the season for giving. Come, contribute, and feel accepted. Enjoy an evening of companionship, food, and fun. Instead of staying home alone and reliving memories, come and make new memories and maybe a few more friends. If you are blessed with a family and you are moved to reach out to the lonely this Christmas, think about donating a gift for someone who will be attending the party. Perhaps a robe, a gift certificate, or a box of chocolates would offer comfort and make someone feel special. All gifts that are presented will be given in the name of the giver. Thank you for reading this and may God bless your Christmas.



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