Escaping the Social Media Vortex …Without Becoming Amish

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Managing  social media  can be tough. It’s addictive -like cocaine according to this–  and can even change our brains according to this. This is dangerous stuff.

But so is gasoline. Still, everyday I speed down narrow lanes sitting on or near a tank full of the explosive liquid. Dangerous? Maybe. But I’m not about to start riding a horse and buggy to appointments.

Social media is necessary to my business. Without it,  listings & a whole lot of messaging would be impossible and acquiring clients would be a challenge. (You know 68% of people look for agents online, right? And that 91% of buyers would like to receive info from their agents via social media?)  To go without social media would be to kill my business. Or at least severely maim it.

So how does one use the addictive social media tool without becoming addicted?

There’s hardly one way that applies to all lifestyles, but here’s how I manage it. Maybe you’ll find it helpful too.

Basically, I try to keep social media in its place. There is enough in this life and about this job that can keep me hopping. I don’t need to add another. I check Facebook at coffee and lunch breaks. When coffee break ends, I’m done. That’s it. Then I check it again just before bed – it’s a relaxing wind-down time for me.

I was going to write this as a separate post – and I might still – but I’ll say it here too. If you’ve seen my Facebook page, you’ll notice I don’t ‘sell’ a whole lot. I’m being me, sharing my heart, joking around, and just being a person – not a salesperson. This is intentional. And it is a kind of marketing – the kind that works.  If you’re on social media blasting readers with what you have for sale, you’re going to annoy people. Be yourself. Genuinely care about others. Help, entertain, inspire – whichever, just make it about them. Then you’ll have a chance at getting some attention.

Just sayin’.

So how about you? How do you escape the vortex that is social media?


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