For Those Who Smoke After…


The older I get, the less I care what other people think, and the more I’m comfortable in my own skin. (Where was this confidence twenty years ago!) Once upon a time I cared a great deal what others thought, and was very careful not to offend. Now I care more about being real. Loving, tender, and thoughtful of course, but not pleasing others if it means pretending to be someone else – even if that someone else is would-be clients.


I showed a house recently that had a floor plan with the master bedroom on one side, and children’s bedroom on the other side.  I commented to the couple that it was a highly practical floorplan.

“That way you can make some noise” Their mouths parted in surprise, and then turned to grins. They probably didn’t expect someone with grey hair to talk like that. Of all the houses they’d have looked at, they’ll surely remember the floor plan of that house. It’s the house where you can make some noise.


My sense of humor may be a bit off, and I’m okay with it. I enjoy potty jokes, think rednecks are adorable, and like our family’s Christmas tradition of shooting off rifles from the deck. Some people wouldn’t hire me because of my weird humor, and I think that’s fantastic. If someone is offended by my sense of humor, they’ll probably be offended by me the whole time we work together. What fun would that be for anyone?

The other day I was in an open house, and two women came in to see the home. As they headed up the stairs, I mentioned, “There’s a private deck off the master bedroom, by the way.” They stopped and look at me, confused. “Yeah, you know, for those who smoke after?”
They darted away up the stairs. I soon followed, finding them in the master bedroom, hovered by the deck door, snickering and giggling. Of all the open houses they attended that day, they’ll remember me, and this house – the one with a deck, for those who like to smoke after…


I suppose if my mother would read this, she might be slightly embarrassed. Or maybe she would take credit for my sense of humor. I don’t know. Either way, I’m me –an  integrity-havin’, quality service givin’,  zebra print ipad carryin’, heels wearin’, redneck joke lovincountry bumpkin. Everyone’s got quirks, and I like mine.


What are your quirks that you’re comfortable with … or wish you were?



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  1. Sharon

    Tina, i think your sense of humor makes you a fantastic human being! What is the point of living if you can’t have a laugh? If i have learned anything from living, it’s that smiling and laughing with the ones we love, and in our day to day life is fuel for the soul.
    I really enjoy reading your blog, and always look forward to your next entry. As far as any quirks i have that i am comfortable with, that would be “brutal honesty.” I say it EXACTLY like it is weather people want to hear it or not. I can tell a friend or loved one if they are being ridiculous, and not bat an eyelash! Sometimes easily mistaken for rudeness, and not everyone appreciates hearing the truth i have found lol I just believe that life is too short to waste time dancing around the bush, best said and put behind you. That’s my motto.

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