Garden Therapy (Complete With Before and After Pics)

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I’m looking forward to spending some time with my flowers. … if I can find them. The crazy pace of these last months – that and the amazing amounts of rain – have kept me out of the garden. Weeds are growing tall…

Can I just say I love gardening? It’s where I do my best thinking and get the most epiphanies. After spending some time weeding and planting, I’ll come back in the house call, “Wendell! Wendell!” and proceed to bestow upon him my new found wisdom. He doesn’t seem to mind.

I don’t know what it is about putting our hands in the dirt, working with it and having it under our fingernails. Somehow, there on my knees among Daisies and the Lillies, weeding becomes thoughtful. Prayerful. Maybe it’s the quiet. Or the kneeling. Or watching the simple but miraculous growth happen for yet another year. Perhaps it’s the gratefulness of being a homeowner and having free will to plant what I want!  My dream was to plant trees and shrubs and watch them grow. It’s kind of symbolic!  When ones life has been transplanted, somehow we crave being rooted! Stability within a changing environment. Either way, it’s peaceful and refreshing, and I can’t get enough of it! I’m so glad my day off was a sunny one so I could garden!


And the results of garden therapy are clear:

Me gardening:


My favourite plant is the rocket ligularia:


Me after gardening:


I feel cleansed, content, satisfied and relaxed!

How about you? What is your therapy? What refreshes you?



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