Getting Personal


The question arises, Should a REALTOR® get personal with their client?

Selling or buying a house is foremost a personal matter! The reasons for your move are personal. The preferences you have are personal. Your budget is personal!

The best way for me to serve people is to understand them personally!

If you are about to lose your house due to finances, I may choose to market with a different strategy!

I am not uncomfortable with personal topics.

If someone struggles with depression, it may change which hours in a day we will allow showings. Sickness interrupts lifestyle, as does anxiety.

I want to show dignity to the person who has discomforts in daily living. I find that when I know my clients personally, I am able to serve them attentively and they will have a greater satisfaction in the process and in the outcome!

That being said, I respect a persons privacy. I will not require someone to tell me about their finances and health or relationships, that they don’t want to discuss!!! Clearly, that would make them uncomfortable from start to finish and that would be counter productive!

Being personable means that I can adapt to your comfort level to serve you best!

I believe that when I put the person first, the pay cheque will be greater than just cash. I will feel fulfilled and my client will be satisfied! I believe that is why I am being referred to other people. I believe this is why my business is growing!

It is up to you whether you choose an agent who serves people, or one who serves himself and his wallet!

I serve people and sell houses. I hope this blog clarifies what that means!

Tina Plett, Sutton Group-Kilkenny Real Estate

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