Getting Refreshed In The Daily Grind

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no energy

Even if you love your job and the people you work with, sometimes it becomes a grind, doesn’t it? Sometimes work is… well, work. And it’s especially tough in a service job, where you’re working with people. How do you give when you’re empty, and serve when all you want to do is hide under the covers for a week? Admit it, you know what I’m talking about. 

When work becomes a bit of a grind, it’s high time for refreshment. Sometimes all I can fit in is some social media unwind time before bed, or meeting a friend for coffee. In summer, the moments I spend in my garden are richly rewarding.  Sometimes though, I get to break away completely for a day or even more, like the conference I went to recently in New Orleans.   Now I know why they say a change is as good as a rest. I came back brimming with energy and ideas. (I can’t wait to implement those fantastic ideas by the way!)

How do you recharge when work becomes a grind?

What has refreshed you lately?

Be brave – share in the comments below.

We could all use some ideas, especially in the cold days ahead!


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