Happy Birthday To Me – The Gift I’ve Been Waiting For

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It’s finally happening – the business break through I’ve been working for is here! And on my birthday no less!  I will be getting a scheduled day off!

Every week. You know, like most of the population? I’m SO excited!

Have you ever worked an entire year with no scheduled day off? It’s madness. Four years of it is… well,(what is madness multiplied by four?) Basically, I’m ready for an intentional, scheduled, even – dare I say it – regular day off. And I finally can!

I know, you’re probably wondering why I couldn’t before? I could. A day off would have been possible. As long as I would be willing to…

  • hand my clients, inquiries and hard-earned commissions over to someone else -who, by the way, is not personally invested in my business but is actually competition! Would you trust your business to your competition?
  • Entrust my client relationship to another agent who may not care about them like I do
  • Trust another agent to handle inquiries – that is, potential new clients – and present the professional, high quality service my brand is about.
  • Share my hard earned commissions with another agent if a deal happens to close on the day they are taking my place. Percentages are high for shared commissions. Would I give away 50% of my profit after marketing a property for 4 months?
  • Or, I could forget about hiring or partnering with anyone and simply turn off my phone. It would mean my reputation for excellent service would be compromised, I would be unavailable to new and existing clients for any reason – even to sign a deal -and I would lose business. But at least I would have a day off…

These have been non-options. I am not in business just for something to do. I love people, and want to give the best doggone service humanly possible. To have someone else take over for a day, that person would have to represent MY business, not allowing their own goals and ambitions to flavor the way they treat my clients. It would require someone who is selfless and has integrity. No stealing? No pressuring? No doing whatever it takes to push someone to a decision? That is hard to find in this business.

But I found it!

I found someone I trust to serve my clients with the same zeal I would. In fact, I found someone who, just like me, highly value quality service, integrity, and honesty even at great personal cost. THAT is the kind of person I would entrust my business to for a few hours. I know she will bring her best to the table, and my clients and business will be well taken care of.

So, starting this July 5th and every Wednesday after, I plan to enjoy a day off.

If you’re a collegue, a reader or a client, know you will be – for that one day – in the excellent care of a hand picked professional of integrity. Then I’ll be back the very next day. No worries, k?

Now… what will I do with my glorious, fabulous day off?

Whatever it is, it will involve me smiling. Alot.




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