Harvest Season in Real Estate

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Working in a rural setting, I’ve noticed that agriculture seems to impact every single transaction. It’s more than whether someone is buying an actual ranch or hobby farm – it’s the agricultural principles that permeate. We really do reap what we sow, and I love that it’s true no matter where you live or what kind of person you are. Like gravity, it applies to everyone.

I get a lot of comfort from it because, as intentionally as I sow seeds of kindness and integrity, the rewards are sometimes slow in the coming. A clear conscience is my immediate payoff, but often the cost is immediate and reward is slow.  But it does come – that’s the promise of that principle – and when it does, it’s a sweet, sweet reward.

I savored such a reward recently. To tell you about it though, I have to back up to 1 ½ years before, when the seeds were being sown. A young couple was in the process of searching for their first house. I showed them one of properties I had listed, and then they called another agent. It’s common for some reason. The other agent they called ended up being one of those aggressive bullying types. Unfortunately this is also common. Fast-forward a year and a half, when the couple is now ready to buy (sometimes it takes awhile),and they called me.  After all that time, they had remembered me – how I had treated them made an impact and they wanted to buy with me.

It meant a lot to me that they remembered me after all that time. It also strengthened my belief that it is crucial to treat others with dignity and respect, no matter who they are or what they can do for me. Had I treated them poorly -as though they were a waste of my time for example – I doubt they would have called me back. But I didn’t. I treated them with respect and set out to serve them well, results aside.

Maybe it’s that harvest season is approaching, but it made me think of that reliable agricultural principle. We will reap what we sow. Maybe not every seed will germinate and produce, but the kinds of seeds we sow will return a similar fruit. Disrespect will reap disdain, integrity will grow respect and trust.


What kind of harvest are you sowing for?




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