How Our New Floor Is Giving Me New Perspective

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Our new floor has taught me a few things about preparing for a sale. 

I want sellers to experience a fast sale I also want buyers to be impressed with the property and fall in love immediately. To increase the chance of all that happening, I often advise clients to make some improvements before listing. I suggest they replace outdated flooring, repair what’s broken, and give everything a fresh coat of paint.

This month we’re having new flooring installed on our entire main floor. Sounds lovely doesn’t it? Easy even. I thought so anyway. So it came as quite a surprise that the whole process requires every piece of furniture to be crammed in to the basement. Everything’s weird. The fridge is in the bedroom, and there are men crawling around on the floor. There is hammering and yammering and music blaring all day. In my home. Where I work and live and am. It’s surprising how involved and demanding this whole process can be.

But I’m glad for the experience. I understand now why clients sometimes take months to prepare their home for a sale. I get how they would feel stressed out. It’s a big undertaking. Now, when I recommend improvements, I’ll be able to offer compassion. I’ll be more patient when they’re not done in two weeks. It takes time. I get it.

If you’re an agent and get frustrated with your clients ‘dawdling’ with preparations, can I just encourage you to be patient with them? It’s harder and takes longer than we realize.

If you’re in the middle of preparing for a sale and your furniture is everywhere too, I feel your pain. Hang in there – it will be worth it! In fact, the difference may be so huge, you may decide to keep the place after all!

What have you renovated recently?

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