How to Get Home Buyers to See Your House for Sale (Most People Forget This One Secret)


Agents ask it. Sellers ask it.
Everyone who has ever hosted an open house asks it.

“Where are all the buyers?!?”

When putting your home up for sale or offering an Open House, you might hear cricket sounds.

There are a couple of reasons for that, and they’re not all bad. Also, there IS something you can do to find those buyers and get them to see your house. I’ll share that secret in a minute. First let’s figure out what’s going on.

Why is No One Looking at My House for Sale? Two Possible Reasons:

It’s You

If a few things about the listing itself are off, it won’t matter what you do, it won’t grab attention.
Troubleshoot the basics of price, condition, and location:
Is the price too high?
Is the place in need of renovation or updating?
Maybe everything’s fine and it’s just that the location is undesirable (in which case, just be patient. Those just take longer. They just do.)

It’s Not You at All

If everything is right – the price is reasonable, the location is good, and the place is in great condition, then there may be something else going on.

It’s probably one of two things:

It’s the market
Lots of external things affect home buying and selling. It’s a market. Like gold or the NASDAQ, activity speeds and slows based on circumstances like tariffs, seasons, supply, demand, national economy, and politics.

Is the economy in a funk right now? Are interest rates rising? Employment falling? Tariffs being slapped on lumber, affecting all kinds of industries and jobs and thus, income and affordability? If so, don’t worry!  Buying and selling will continue until the end of time. It might mean though, that things will take a bit longer, so be patient.

It’s the internet

Here’s the other thing. The most likely thing. My favorite thing.
You may think people are not looking at your house, but they actually ARE!

It used to be that showings required cleaning up your house, packing up the kids, and parking at the end of the street for a half hour while they look through every room of your house.

Used to be.

People don’t look at houses like that anymore.

Sellers are like home buyers – they don’t actually want to pack up, leave the house, and spend valuable hours of their evening or weekend to browse houses.  And, thanks to virtual tours and even just the immense number of photos available in the property listings these days, they don’t have to!

Online showings are good news for the buyer AND seller. Heck, it’s good news for the agents too. It saves us all valuable time.

The trick is to remember to COUNT it.

Chances are, even if people aren’t calling you up for an in-person peek at the house, they ARE LOOKING. They’re just doing it online.

How do I know?

Because that’s where I live. I’m a tech-savvy marketer and I watch the stats.  Every time I post a listing, I see how many people are marking it as a favorite. I see how many people view the video tours I create (and the 3D image tours too!). I can see the traffic to my website – where it’s coming from and which listings they’re looking at.


It’s just not in the same way they used to.

How to Get People to See Your House For Sale

Now here’s the trick.

If those online looks don’t turn into eventual in-person looks, that does tell us something.
That’s a clue that something needs a tweak.

That’s when the basic elements need to be re-evaluated. Is it the price? Condition? Location?
If those are all good, then evaluate the market.

Chances are you’ll find the problem in there. Tweak what’s needed (even if what’s needed is simply more patience), and carry on.

The best thing you can do to increase online and in-person views of your home is to remember that this is a live, ongoing experiment. It is also not the 1950s where people buy things because you say they should. The modern consumer is much more discerning, so this requires patience. It requires testing and tweaking.

Be flexible, be open, and keep tweaking your offer until it meets the needs of that discerning modern buyer.


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