I Can’t Believe This Keeps Happening. (And to a Steinbacher! Oh ba…)


It happened again.

They’re coming for me, and they’re coming for you too.

They go out of their way to drive to your place, and lie to your face.


Money. Envy. A burr in their britches. Self-loathing. Ego.

Who is this insidious creature?  Allow me to set the scene.

I recently listed the home of a sweet elderly couple I’ve known for most of my life. The kindly gentleman had been my brother’s childhood hockey coach way back when. In my hairdressing days, this man became a loyal customer. When I moved into reflexology, he was my client there too. Now, I get to be this couple’s real estate agent. I’m so honored to serve them, and grateful for their lifetime loyalty. You can’t buy that, you know?

Days after I met with the seller and discussed when to put the For Sale sign in their yard, a vehicle drove onto their driveway.
The visitor was another agent who had heard they were moving, and he had come with an agenda.

“So, you are going to list with Tina Plett?,” the agent had asked.

“Yes.”they replied.

“I was just wondering why you wouldn’t choose a local agent…?”

My client, who was confused by this sudden confrontation about his personal choice, replied, “Tina is as local as it gets!”

The agent left, the mission apparently fulfilled. The goal had simply been to undermine me without provocation, even if it meant being confrontational with a sweet elderly couple.

(Classy, right?)

The weird thing about it though, is not that it’s ridiculous, given that I was born in Steinbach, have lived and worked in Steinbach for most of my life and still do. The weird thing is also not that I have listed in and around Steinbach for years, nor is it that I have life-long relationships with several of my clients.

The weirdest part is not even that this undermining tactic keeps happening, or that the very agents who confront elderly couples in order to win some imaginary pissing match also list in multiple towns.

No. The weirdest part is that they think it’s necessary.

Is it that  my success is intimidating to people? (Strong women everywhere will know this feeling well) And apparently this intimidation causes them to dive desperately into aggressive behaviour, and they’re okay with whomever that hurts, even if it is gentle elderly couples.

As usual, all I can really do about it is let you, the reader, know this is happening.

Then you will not be shaken by cowardly egomaniacs in suits who come a- knocking to intimidate you. Or perhaps they will try to  steal a paycheck from me and use you to do it. 

You will also know that they offer only lies.(Well, that and a willingness to intimidate innocent citizens like single moms and elderly couples if that’s what they feel like doing.)

And, most encouraging, you will also know that what I’m doing – my transparency, integrity, forward-thinking tech savvy, and kick-ass marketing – is working, and they want a piece of it.

So take heart, we’re on the right track…



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  1. Johnny B

    I know what these are Tina!!!! Please don’t be alarmed, let me explain a bit. These my friends are known as ‘La Cucaracha’, sounds fun right?

    You will find these species hiding in dark places until the light is on them, then “POOF” they vanish!!!!

    What are the cucaracha you ask?


    The COCKROACH!!!!

    They have no idea what transparency and integrity is. And if by some miracle I’m wrong and they aren’t La Cucaracha ……. please insert this into your address bar:


    It’s one of the two!!!!

    I speak from experience, Tina sold AND bought for myself AND family members, and if we decide to move again or know of someone looking to sell/buy, without DOUBT, Tina will get the call. She has a friend and customer for life.

    Johnny Blanchard

    1. tina

      Johnny, I have never laughed so hard at a comment!

  2. Jeff Stern

    Tina, keep with your integrity, ethics and professionalism ignoring these unprofessional, desperate souls as that is what they are….desperate, perhaps feeling threatened by your honest approach to the industry. This is nothing more than bullying in the adult world and karma will be the great equalizer.

    1. tina

      It takes years to establish a good reputation. It takes overcoming many challenges and temptations to maintain a good reputation. You are an example to follow Jeff. You are a veteran in this business and have seen and heard it all. I am so grateful that agents like you are there to encourage us along the away.

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