An opportunity came up that made my heart sing.

The idea of doing a job where I could potentially be helping to save people’s lives was enticing to me. So, I said yes to a new job!

Emotional fulfillment at work is important to me. I sure have had some good helpings of that as I assisted people find a home where they could live happily ever after.

However, I would not have noticed the job advertisement if my heart had not been open to a change.

When I started selling Real Estate I said I would do it until I was 55.

Well, I am about to turn 55 this summer. So, as always, when I reach my goals, I ask myself this question;

“Now What?”

Real Estate Sales has been a successful career for me. I have been a consistent award winner. In fact, I am on the top producer list in our office again for the month of May.

I have enjoyed every aspect of the business. It was stimulating to have so much to learn and to work so many roles.

However, I have spent way too much time working and not enough time with the people I love.

I came to one conclusion for sure!

“I am not willing to work as many hours in the next decade of my life as I did in the last decade of my life.” That is my final answer.

I declare that being a successful real estate professional is like owning a business and having at least three jobs. It is demanding, intense, time consuming, and hard work. It is all consuming. (Perfect career for a stress junkie)

Some things I will miss

  1. I will miss being able to protect people when they do a real estate transaction.
  2. I will miss showing off beautiful homes.
  3. I will miss attending the annual NAR Conference and Expo.
  4. I will miss collaborating with Winnipeg Realtors on social media about A Day In The Life Of A Realtor.
  5. I will miss many opportunities to help my previous clients to make a future move.
  6. I may miss playing with tech tools and apps but then again I may always find another use for that. As if I will put the iPad down. pfffft
  7. OK, I will admit, I will miss the big paychecks.

What I won’t miss

  1. I will not miss spending countless hours working for someone just to have them give my paycheck to a different Realtor. I will never recover the financial investment I made on behalf of others.
  2. I will not miss the loooong hours. People. You have no idea! Most of you come home from work and you are done. When a Realtor comes home from work they still have to do numerous things like provide feedback for showings, book more showings, do market evaluations on properties they saw that day, put a listing online because they will get fined if they don’t get it up in a short time frame, and respond to emails which can take a very long time. Those are just a few of many things and when you are tired those things can take a while to complete. I will not miss the amount of hours required to do a good job.
  3. I will not miss other people imposing unreasonable demands of my time. I still am not over the fact that an agent recently insisted that I deliver an offer at 10 pm, with a response deadline of 11:30pm, on a Saturday night, to a recently widowed senior citizen. I had to be the face that put her through undue stress. I have never been so ashamed to be a Realtor as I was that night. No one at any age should have that kind of pressure placed on them when making such a serious decision.
  4. I will not miss paying the ridiculous amount of bills. Just ridiculous. Painful. I maintain that it is easy to make money in Real Estate Sales but it is a huge challenge to profit.
  5. I will not miss all the solicitation that comes along with the public assuming that we are all filthy rich and should certainly buy goods from every Tom, Dick and Harriet. (borrowed the Harriet term from Jeff Stern, a fellow real estate blogger)

Where will I be working?

I will be the local representative in Steinbach and surrounding area for a non profit organization called Victoria Lifeline.

I begin training on June 3, 2019.

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  1. Charlene

    OMG… This is so perfectly worded! All the best for you moving forward. Sounds like the ’next decade’ will be so fulfilling.

    1. tinaplett

      Thank you. I expect it will be fulfilling.

  2. C J Sleppy

    Well said – so relatable. Kts nice to hear a realistic portrayal of the good, bad and ugly in a positive, well-thought-out reasoning. Not because of a frustrated all-or-nothing perspective but rather an analytical approach to how best to use your talent, experience and knowledge to create win-win for yourself and others. I like your style! (I am also embarking on a new adventure – after 40 years in real estate). Best wishes for much happiness, success and satisfaction.

    1. tinaplett

      Oh do tell! Is it related to real estate or are your trying something different. I hope you are as excited as I am. Thank you for your kind words.

    2. Edie Richardson

      I, too, have been struggling with giving up my RE career. I’m 72 and would love to create art full time. Also teach it. There’s little time for this with the Real Estate. But I truly enjoy helping people with their home buying dreams. It’s a delightful experience to work hard on behalf of someone and see them so happy when they’re successful.

      1. tinaplett

        When something else becomes more desirable and meaningful then it is easier to let go. Letting go is not the same as failure. Retiring from real estate doesn’t mean that you don’t want to work.
        For now I would suggest to dive into art and enjoy it. Grow that and you will become aware when the “job” gets in the way.

  3. Renee

    As a Realtor of 15 years, I understand where you’re coming from. Good luck in your new career! Maintain your license and do real estate when you want too, not cause you need to.

  4. Laura Baker

    So very well said. I wish you all the best in your new adventures.

    1. tinaplett

      Thank you. I appreciate your well wishes.

  5. tinaplett
  6. tinaplett

    I thought of that but I don’t want my attention to be divided. My new job will get all of me. Just like I gave all of me to my career in real estate.
    You, after 15 years, have much experience to offer other agents. I hope you can enjoy mentoring as well.

  7. Robin

    I just loved this yep I get it.
    Best to you, have fun💫

  8. Darcie Sly

    This is so perfect, although I might add one other thing… when I finally hang it up as a realtor, I won’t miss having all of the solicitation phone calls from Zillow, Google, and every sort of marketing company telling me “we are looking to showcase the best realtors for our upcoming calendar, publication, etc.” then telling me how much it will cost me to be recognized as a top realtor. What a joke. Good luck to you!

    1. tinaplett

      What? They have room for you after all the money I gave them? Kidding. Yes, thanks for adding that!

  9. Cheryl B

    Bravo! Smart lady! Beautifully stated. I’ve been a realtor for 15 years and now a managing broker! Working towards the same goal to reclaim my life. Enjoy your new adventure. Thanks for sharing!

    1. tinaplett

      Real Estate has added to my life as it has yours. Our lives change. Our time is valuable.

  10. Lisa Sheppert

    Thank you for this post — I’m a realtor of 15 years in Louisiana. I appreciate your honesty about the hard days and the time away from others. I just sent you a friend request on FB, as I would love to follow you on your new endeavor! Best of luck, Lisa

    1. tinaplett

      I’ll accept your friend request.

  11. Jan Hair

    I am 57 and now 23 yrs in RE. Thank your the post as I am there in my career. I do not have that “Next Thing” yet, but my heart is wandering…I will be open to opportunities and will listen to my heart when it finds it. My your new endeavor bring you the joy and satisfaction you want and deserve.

  12. tinaplett

    Thanks Jan. Maybe an opportunity will take you by surprise like it did me.

  13. Deb Forte

    I also am ready for something. I love being a realtor just turned 58 need to work less but still help people I love life. For now building a team has been so beneficial to help gain time freedom. 💃 Thanks for sharing.

    1. tinaplett

      I’m happy that you are finding a way to help other agents with your expand getting some relief in your time commitment in return. You may be able to go for years if your team is a good fit.

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