Is the 2019 Market a Good Time to Move? (Answer in Redneck Terms)

Is the 2019 Market a Good Time to Move? (Answer in Redneck Terms)

Your life is not about the market.

When you are feeling discomfort about where you live and you feel your life would benefit from a move, then it’s time to put your property on the market.

If Money Is the Reason You’re Considering Selling

If your move is about money, then you have to add another question to this line of thinking.
What money, credit, or benefits will I lose if I stay?

Example: If you go bankrupt as a result of not coming down in your ideal price then you are not just losing money, you are losing the ability to borrow money for seven or more years.

Another example: If you are missing a great job opportunity by staying where you are then you are not ahead financially by not selling.

A real estate agent cannot sell your house for a value that is not supported in this market. If you want the value that your property would realistically yield in 5 years, then wait five years. Just be aware that you will also pay the additional value in your next purchase.

If you have no reason to move, on the other hand, put up your feet and watch everyone else enjoy the changes that a move brings to their life. 

Reasons to Stay Put

When you love living right where you are, you probably would not consider a move even if someone paid you to move. 

It’s certainly true for me; if I got offered $20,000 above market value to buy my property right now, I would say no.

You could not talk me into moving because I love waking up to this country view. My life is full because I am able to have pets and enough room for them to play. Being very close to town and still having the sound of the birds and frogs is priceless to me. Both my husband and I appreciate our property and the benefits of living in this location. The house meets our practical needs and the decor reflects our down to earth personalities. (That’s a professional term for saying that we have not updated our light fixtures in this 26-year-old house and we want to keep our old pine cabinets and trim because it makes us feel like we are in a cottage.) Nothing in my day is better than the feeling of coming home to this place. 

Of course it’s also so good to be close to most of my family.

What About You? 

If I could get you top dollar for your property this year, would you take the money and move?

If you said yes, I am willing to put my marketing dollars on that challenge.

-Tina Plett

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