It’s Okay To Eat Fast Food – And Like It!

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Eating healthy on the road or at home is kind of  a no-go for me, and I’m okay  with it.

The jig is up. I am not on the bandwagon of healthy eating. All the organic, vegan and raw food diets sound like great, healthy ideas. If I had a little more time to prepare and plan and research, I might even change a few things. But it’s one of those ‘one day’ things I’d like to do – like taking up pottery or learning to play the banjo – I probably won’t ever get around to it.

I confess! I eat out. A lot. And when I do, I’m not always buying salad. I love pizza. Premade, meat laden, overpriced, highly processed, chemical infused, no-good-for-anyone, delicious, crunchy, make-me-drool pizza.

And I’m okay with not boarding the healthy eats train right now. Kudos to those who do. And to those who don’t… I understand. It would take a lifestyle change and we’re not all there. We won’t even all get there. Part of health is being okay with who you are and the choices you’re making. So I’m going to eat my delicious pizza slice piled high with cheese, and be happy.

Are you a closet fast foodie or have you boarded the healthy eats train?
What’s your eating lifestyle like?


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