Meet Eniko Crozier

This is Eniko Crozier


















Eniko is directly involved with Tina Plett in the day to day business of selling real estate. By partnering together and utilizing their differences they anticipate rewarding results.

Eniko is highly principled and shares Tina’s commitment to integrity in business.

Eniko has a friendliness about her. She is easy to approach.  As a result of her excellent listening and communication skills she is able to explain the buying process in a simple, effective way.  Eniko can navigate through the complexities of a transaction and has natural art for negotiating.

Eniko is a trustworthy person and places the interest of the client above her own. That’s not easy to find in a dog eat dog world.


On a personal note: 

When Eniko has free time you will likely find her outdoors exploring nature and wildlife and  capturing the beauty with her camera. She has captured eagles in flight and unique macro images of insects.  She collects stones and you will usually see her wearing a delicate gem around her neck or on her dainty fingers. Her connection to nature may be part of the reason she loves to see different parts of the world.  Whether photographing city scapes at night, castles, homes, cottages or a riverbank, Eniko is aware of her environment and brings the life and beauty back to share with others through photography.